Monthly Competition? Would you participate?

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Cool, I too am only 17. Maybe some of the older and richer members wouldn't mind contributing. If even four of them could split the "load" it would be barely anything. Maybe we should wait until the site has more activity.
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If this idea kicks off and gets more popular I can switch it over to my paid server and purchase a domain name for it. But no sense doing so right now.
I could easily move the server's data.
I only need a working php server (running Unix maybe).
About the domain name:
I'd be willing to administer the server if we ever decide to switch over. I have experience working with enterprise level linux servers.
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Well actually ya if its easy to move lets move it to my server so there is better service. My server has just been idling mostly for the past few months and I got at least 7 months till the renew comes up and got nothing planned for it at the moment.

Lets get on a IRC channel sometime and see what we can do.
I'm generally chilling in chessplusplus
As for participating in competitions, I'm not very good at c++, but I would participate in those at my level.

I've been able to communicate with Twicker.
First point, I can keep the logo.
Second point, he's offering me a sandboxed edition of this website, to develop the features on.
Third point, he's busy with references.

But as You may understand, I cannot be running this alone, especially since I'm going without internet on the 30th (or less), and I fear I'm forcing Zereo to work for this (And I don't want this to happen).
We should find a trusted member who wants to work on this, without feeling forced.
I don't know what the setup will be like, if it's simple PHP/SQL or another scripted language.
Well, I'm not a trusted member so I'm safe in that regard and I don't know any web dev language good enough to offer any help that way. I'm alright with PHP/MySQL but only context I used them in is to check test C++/MySQL connections (would print out what my program would sent to the database).
First off, would I be considered "trusted"? If not just say, I won't get offended.

If I am, I am willing to help, I have got the week off this coming week, I know simple SQL, I would not mind learning PHP (should not take long if it is only the basics). I have experience in python. What would I be required to do?
PHP is quite simple fyi.

The to-do is, creating a forum section, and to add some polls (votes) inside it.
(If completely automated, even better)

As "trusted", Me personally I think of any "old" user as Trusted.
"Old" as in, joined like one year ago or more, had a nice attitude in the forum...

I hope the sandbox will never give us personal informations or server internal files.
This way we could do this without asking Twicker to "accept" each user to work on the project.
fun2codes your man, i have a suspicion that he's Bjarne Stroustrup (hallowed be thy name) himself.

LB is well behaved and clever too.
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I may help, I know PHP and SQL. I wouldn't say that I'm as good at those as in C++ but I know how things work and I did some coding with CI framework. Also I have plenty of free time this summer.
I'd like to have Null in.
I remember you since I came in.

[ot]Really weird your post count is that low.[/ot]
I've got access to the sandbox. I'll report more later.

EDIT: Ok, ok, seems like I have full access to the sandbox and FTP, thanks to Twicker.
This should have no impacts on the main website.
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@devon. I'm flattered, but that comparison is beyond silly!
One reason I post so infrequently is that my knowledge is old and quite full of holes. Many here know (conservatively) 10X what I do. I am a hack.
And, when it comes to web development, I know nothing.

@EssGeEich. I'm keeping an eye on your site. Nice job. The competition ideas are quite varied. My current project is soaking up all my creative juices though. Gotta finish!
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@SGH Don't worry your not forcing me into anything, if I didn't want to do it I wouldn't ;p I just got your email I will look over it a bit. And then maybe we could get on a chat sometime and see what exactly where we want to go with this. I got a few neat ideas I wanna run by you.
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