hi.. i am posting this thread because i hoping that somebody can help me about my problem. this freakn me out. i checked the code well and i got this 1 irritating error that i can't fixed out.

my code is this

newPtr = malloc(sizeof(ListNode));

where ListNode is my alias of my strcut definition i had declare earlier.
what is the problem that my compiler says "cannot convert void * to listnode *".. what is the problem with my code?

#thanks i hope you can help
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First and foremost this is a thread for the beginners section not the lounge.

That said if you are programming in C++ you should be using new/delete instead of malloc/free. Though if you do want to use malloc you have to remember that malloc returns a void pointer but you can cast that pointer to your desired type. In C you don't need to do this casting but C++ is a Strongly Typed Language so you need to do a explicit cast to tell the compiler that this is actually what you want to do because it won't implicitly do it for you.

I would suggest moving this thread to the beginners section and then maybe providing more of your code so we can be sure where your problem is.
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