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Anyone know any good computer that sells for $950 USD or 3000 MYR?
Hell I could build a pretty solid computer for that budget. I wish I had that much to spend on a computer. Go to newegg and build your own.
Good computer means good for gaming?
Good performance
Not only gaming but daily work such as running ProDesktop or other rendering software
Build your own. You'd get crap for that if it was pre-built.

I'd buy a cheap 20-120 dollar dell optiplex 745 like I am and just put 8 gigs of ram and a decent gpu in it.
I definitely support building your own. It's actually very easy. Everything comes with instructions and all of the extra stuff you need, and everything is also colour-coded. Picking hardware that's balanced and compatible is probably the harder part. I would pick a CPU first and then build the rest around that, since that's the least compatible part. Motherboard next since those are usually only compatible with one type of CPU (make sure the socket matches the CPU!). Everything else (Hard drive, GPU, RAM, PSU and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor)) is generally compatible with any CPU and motherboard. Sometimes there are benefits to using a CPU, GPU and chipset (on the motherboard) from the same manufacturer but I don't think it makes much difference.
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You should get a custom one for that will be a great one...
Just spend 500 dollars and you can get a moderate gaming PC that can run stuff like skyrim by the way I mentioned. Get a Mid-Tower model.
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He should get one for 900 becuz a 500 one won't really run crysis 3 and other new games at full..but if you just wanna program and save money just get one for about 400-500
There is no point in running crysis 3 on full, that's just silly.
There is no point in running crysis 3 on full, that's just silly.

What if you want to see all the pretty visuals? Isn't that a point to run it on full?
It's honestly just a waste of money IMO. As long as you can run it on medium/high it's all good.

Plus with a beefed out optiplex you can most likely run crysis.
If you opt to spend less now for more modest hardware, you'll just end up replacing it sooner (provided you're using this computer for gaming or something similar). If you get a higher end computer it will be able to keep up with new games for much longer than a more moderate one.
Good point Mod, I guess you should max your budget. I'd recommend an i7 and the latest Nvidia card if you can afford. Along with 16 gb of ram, of course.
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The latest nvidia card is like $999 or at least the GTX Titan is, which the card is based off of.
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Fred ...well what aout the speed....and boot time would be really fast..

If he gets an ok graphics card but puts like an i7 or i5,about 8-16 gigs of ram..and some ssds....if he just wants a fast pc than he can go for that

And way mod said..that's true

Yea Titan is for 1000 dollers...but that card is a beast...
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As for getting 16GB of RAM that is just overkill for gaming and it is not needed in my opininon you should get a long just fine with 8GB RAM.

You also might wanna look at getting one of the new Haswell CPU's that just came out they look pretty nice. The i7's and i5's are currently out and lower end models are one the way (Remeber to get the K model if you plan on overclocking).

Definitely get a good sided SSD. This is probably one of the cheapest impovements that you can make to a computer that drastically increases preformance. You will see much better load times on games, file transfers, boot times, basically everything.

And if you do go the custom built desktop route remember to think about cooling when you pick out your case.

Other then all that bulding a desktop computer is pretty straight forward and a lot easier then it used to be. As chris said the only compatitibily issues you should have to worry about is your motherboard and CPU (Make sure they have the same socket) other then that most things are compatitble.

If you do have questions on certain parts and what you need I would be glad to help you pick out your build and I am sure many other members have a good amount of experience with computer hardware.
Im gonna get a proper desktop soon, i want it to be up to spec for "Elite dangerous"

Im gonna get a desk and a decent seat with a cup holder on too, im gonna be soo organized, im even gonna have a network and stuff, gonna be doing computer science so I may as well get my shizzleshnits together, im really excited :D

I wonder how good the best computer I can get for £400 ish is gonna be?
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Yea always go for cooling. My friend had to ghetto right rig a fan or two on his computer because it was too hot to even touch.

His PC is still too hot to touch, I bet he could cook eggs on it :P (Not even exaggerating)

Also 16 GB is the way to go because as better PC develop 8 gigs will soon be like a 2 gig PC.
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