Print or !print

Hello, I have these books in PDF form

> Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Third Edition (433 Pages)
> Beginning_C++_Game_Programming (353 Pages)
> C++ For DUMMIES 5th Edition (435 Pages)
> C++ For DUMMIES 6th Edition (466 Pages)
> C++ How to program 8 edition Deitel (1303 Pages)

I am thinking to print "C++ How to program 8 edition Deitel (1303 Pages)"
because I don't have the ability to print all the other books :/
and the last book has well explanation and its big *_*

If you was me, what are you going to print?
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Why? I'd rather have in pdf form so I can search quickly.
I spend a lot of time reading, when I do it from the computer screen, I feel pain in my eyes, << (still with no glasses ^_^ )) , and I am still learning, it means I go page by page and understanding each lesson takes time, but when its time for searching I will simply use the PDF format.
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Ya I don't really see the point of using 1303 printer pages and the Ink to print them when you could just keep it on the computer and easily read and find things.
Will, until you start crying(red eyes + tears) from reading 4-6 hours on the screen, you will realize that having hard-copy is less painful for the eyes.
And adobe PDF reader some time freezes.
@OP: reduce the colour temperature of the monitor.
You could use `redshift' for that.
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Must just be me but I don't mind reading from a computer and on the weekends I usually spend at least 8-10 hours reading. Just make sure you have a good background color and text color and you should be fine.
If you're going to be reading the entire thing, I would get a physical copy of it. If you're using it as a reference, just keep it in PDF
Going to read the entire book.
@Zereo & ne555
I keep the screen contrast low along with the light.
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Do you use a CRT monitor by chance?
CRT are nice memories of the old days :) .
CRT used to make me tear when I was a child and my mom takes the keyboard and says "No playing for you today, it's unhealthy".
Gladly I am now using LCD on both my computer & of course the lap top :) .
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