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As for me then the more I read books on programming the less I know.:) Because after reading a book I start to understand such a big world the world of programming is.
What do you think maybe it is a bad idea to read books on programming? The less you read the more you know?:)
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I've been programming maybe two and a half years now. I'm self taught. I've realized a few weeks ago I've been mainly coding in C. But now I've started actually using c++ more. Also about a month ago, I started using SDL to program with graphics.
I think it would be fun, I could act as a sort of mentor/group member (kind of like what vlad is doing). Also, I would not mind developing medium/large projects as in that aspect I am still a beginner.
great! Well, I'll set up a fake email in a bit. Everyone else PM me the email address you will be using.
Hey sorry aint been online for most of this thread lol i have 2 and a half years experience and can do just about anything you want in sfml 2.0...i have some opengl experience but anything i make will be a slow process
Well this is actually getting better and better: I have no graphics experience (other than a 1 day fail) and do not enjoy doing that part of anything, I prefer back-end work, so this group might not be so bad after all.
@script coder
I love graphics...idk why but gui and graphics....the whole reason i started programming is to make games but now i see that there is a whole broader things that programming can do
im sorta on the side of script coder, i love graphics and all that, but what really shines about programming in games specifically is that you make the laws of physics in your waorld to be whatever you want.
That is one subject about game programming i do not completely grasps...mainly cause i work so hard at graphics lol
did you get my email id?

Lets send all our email ids to Numeri so that the group can be formed and we can get into the specifics of what (and more importantly how) we want to develop.
i believe we are waiting on num
I'm good and all set up. Now I just need fredbill's email.
I'll PM you Numeri. I'll use my email I use for everything. I have yet to set up an official one. :P

I had like 9 months of experience, I understand the concepts very well, all I don't understand is really just templates (And trying to look at STL is not a very good learning reference as there are little to no comments and they have a HORRIBLE coding style.)

I know the SDL library, I'm learning OpenGL.

I know Ruby and Lua also.
Hey, can I join the group?

I'm a beginner C++ programmer, I've read several textbooks (right now I'm finishing "C++ primer") and have used Borland C++ Builder 4 years ago to make an age calculator and other minor programs. I've played a little bit with Irrlicht and SDL, but gave up to get better at C++ first. :)
Sorry, I think we've got enough people now... You could see if there are other people who want to start a group.

For everyone already in the group, check your email please.
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