I'm a failure

I just got my maths test results. I have been revising so hard and long and i get an E on the foundation practice mock. I will never be able to do computer science cause i need a B. :(
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Remember to never give up...also who cares about a degree if u urself know ur good at programming than u can get a job at a local pc shop or work for urself (private).....
practise old tests, works a treat do several a day.
CaptainBlastXD wrote:
Remember to never give up

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Lol EssGeEich...
Try and find the sections you are struggling with, see if maybe you do not understand some base level concepts (fractions, algebra, etc.) . Also, if you do not already have one develop a love for maths (if possible). Also, practice, practice, practice. NEVER underestimate it. For the next few months live, breath, eat and sleep mathematics. Find a few good tutorials or books, I hear Khan academy has quite good tutorials.

Also, you did not mention what level you were on i.e. what you are doing in maths: trig, algebra, calculus, etc.
 i get an E on the foundation practice mock

is this an actual grade or a typo? cause if it is, it blew my mind, never seen E used before.

just remeber, if you study computer science on your own and you do end up taking it later, you will be ahead of everyone and have an easier time understanding it, so dont let it worry you too much, people learn at their own pace
Where I am from we have the following system:
A 80-100%
B 70-79%
C 60-69%
D 50-59%
E 40-49%
F 0-39%

EDIT: Although apparently E was removed due to confusion with the word "Excellent". LOL
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*mind blown*
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Where I live they use A, B, C, D, and E. It's supposed to be A, B, C, D, F; right? Isn't that what they do everywhere in the US?
I lived in Maryland briefly and they used 'E' instead of 'F' there.

In Wisconsin, they used 'U' for "unsatisfactory" instead of 'F'
In Wisconsin, they used 'U' for "unsatisfactory" instead of 'F'

Now that is something quite unique. I have never heard of that before.
I live in New York and we don't even have letter grades, only percentages.
In Canada it is A, B C, D, E. no such thing as F. However, that was back when I was in school and I haven't been there since the 90s.
khanacademy.org :)
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Of topic ppl..and I think this is a troll
I am now the #1 in my class in college in programming and maths,
pass I got ~60% in maths in high school ONLY
now I understand maths better then ever!, I help/tech my younger brother and sisters in there home works, and now applying for math teacher job in school.

wish me good luck in the job.


one more thing, to be good in maths you need to love maths, and spend your fun time solving maths questions
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Modshop, I live in New York also and we use a percentages most of the time but occasionally mix it with letters.
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