best drinking game/practical joke, know any others or been fooled?

I heard about this recently but don't want to tell too many friends about it for obvious reasons, This is GOLD so listen close.

you need:

a funnel
to be drinking beer casually at the time
little snacky snacks
a naive friend/victim (easy to come by)

this works best in a bar or kitchen first you have to say that you and a friend were playing this really fun drinking game once, where you have to balance a snack on your head and get it to fall in the funnel which is tucked into your trousers.

say you will go first, miss the target, tell them that its their turn, when they are balancing the snack on their head....YOU POUR YOUR BEER IN THE FUNNEL!! XD

@scriptcoder, its not one of mine its brilliant tho, oh and watch out for your victim sussing this out first.
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I don't drink, but I will definitely try this one someone with soft drinks :)
You almost had me on the floor and out of breath literally.
Could have even made my day, thank you devon :D
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