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one crime does not justify another.

Would you just have the criminal go free then? Because I wouldn't consider given someone the death penalty after murdering people a crime... And if that is a crime surely forcing them to stay locked up in a prison is a crime also?

its kind of odd that the state gets to choose who lives or dies

The state doesn't decide if there is the death sentence it is the Jury that does that even in federal cases.

if they do have to put someone down it should not be an act of revenge.

I also have no idea where you believe sentencing a murderer of brutal crimes is somehow a act of revenge. It has nothing to do with revenge it is about justice. If I am understanding you right the criminal should just go free (Forcing him to sit in prison would be another crime) without any consequences.

when a dog bites someone it often gets put down, its not an act of revenge.

I have no idea what you are trying to say by that. By your logic is it a act of revenge.

as for people having to watch death as an act of closure I believe it probably fucks them up in new ways as well as sends totally the wrong message.

I could understand it might mess of people but that is their choice I guess. I also don't see how it sends the wrong message but that might just be me.
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Would you just have the criminal go free then?

...what do you think zereo.

you cant argue with people who are not reasonable enough to consider your argument.

I think its sad that the state reserves the right to remove your life at anytime
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Well I guess I am unreasonable then.
you know what is odd, people were suddenly very principled about avoiding slipping into socialism when it came to national healthcare but didn't give a crap about slipping the other way when they found they were being spied on
:) I realize the state of WA isn't the same as WA D.C. However that was just an example I chose to show that hanging, and the death penalty in general, is still a very real possibility. I posted earlier about the U.S. government still practicing several forms of the death penalty and information can be found publicly online.

And devon, I think there is a difference between spying and privacy and whether or not the government decides how healthcare is handled. (Not that I agree with the new healthcare system, but the difference is important to consider) One issue is a socialized system, of which we already have a number of, including Medicare and Social Security. The other is the beginnings of government control and a police state...even if it is too early to jump on such harsh phrases.

Citizen surveillance is a slippery slope. The scary thing and the reason why people are upset is who knows where it could go next (especially since it was secret and being conducted this whole time).
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