Sublime Text 2 memory usage

So this afternoon I generate a file around 497MB. After opening the file in Sublime I notice extremely high memory usage, after the file finished loading memory peaked at approximately 4.8GB. The same file opened in notepad and notepad++ peaked at approximately 1GB.

As a simple test I generate a few more files with sizes around 50MB, 205MB, and 377MB. For each file Sublime used memory around ten times the file size, while notepad++ peaked around double the file size. this was tested on a fresh install of Sublime Text 2.

After a quick search on their forums I didn't see anything similar so I will probably post this there. I was just interested if anyone has experienced this.

Sublime Text 3 seems to be the same. Can anyone else verify this for me?
I should also note this is on Windows 7 64.
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I did 2 tests, the first one was based on a 1GP file, the results were bad for both, the sublime took huge amount of memory space then froze while notepad plus plus simply said "file to big to open"

opened 25MP file:

sublime text 2 got : 102,000K usage, file took few seconds

notepad++ got : 68,000K usage, file was loaded almost immediately
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