SFML Game Development Book

Just noticed this on sfml-dev.org, I'm on the fence regarding whether or not I want to buy it.
you know a learned lazy foos sdl stuff and sfml looks similar, I dont think you need a book if theres lots of stuff online, BUT i like to work from books because i find it easier to focus on them so if you got the income buy it otherwise do what i did that worked well;

Find a tutorial, do the first bit. record a broken down version you will understand in a notebook, make sure you explain the use of the keywords enough for you to understand your examples and referer to it when you work.

writing it down helps me both remember and realize that I dont understand it as I explain it to myself, I can also go back and find the holes in my learning.
Yea, this reminds me-

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough ~ Albert Einstein

Edit - Fixed the spelling in my quote.
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