What do the British have against Americans?

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When someone call you by silly names or remarks just say "Thank You".

Hmm, is there a history why it is called football (American football)? when most of the time you see they carry the ball around and throw it.

I don't mind calling football (the other countries football) soccer if I am living in the US. Just don't expect all the people in the world to call it soccer.

Now, I DO NOT HATE THE US CITIZENS but I do hate the governing people. Doing whatever they want just because they can. Morally wrong.

Talking about one bad apple -- one person does not reflect the whole religion. So, stop the incorrect labeling.
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Its actually a lot of bad apples.

Chris was the oil thing a pun? A fat joke and the gulf war joke?

How is american english a different language
heres an interesting fact, the cheerleaders at american football matches are doing something a lot more dangerous than the footballers, they are the ones who should be wearing armour.


also see jhon cleeses letter to america http://starrgazr.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/john-cleeses-letter-to-america/

bullshit is a good series I recomend it, although as impartiall as they appear to do things there is some propaganda in there a little bit.

I would like to get some american football armour so I could play rugby, I always wanted to play but im feel too soft, I reckon I would be an awsome winger.
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What the beans is a winger? Also, isn't armour illegal in rugby? (Why is it saying armour is spelled incorrectly?)
do I have to see those breasts devonrevenge :/
good thing my internet is slow and I am on low details
It's called a joke.
I know chris I was just wondering if it was a pun.

I guess it just came off wrong to you.
@yemeni, but i don't have breasts :(
I was talking about the video you posted LOL, and you don't need them now a days with the high spread of breast cancer. any way, the video was amazing, did not know about how bad are the injuries are, and about that Feminist women, she is the first wise feminist I ever seen, or the only one you can say. *_*

but although cheer leading is very dangerous now a days comparing to the 70s , as they have the right to jump of a building, they can cheer lead *_*

and I had hard time understanding that slang language, was it Texas?
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Well, please don't take it the wrong way, I don't have anything against Americans and everything I've said up to this point was tongue-in-cheek (I am, after all, British).
Okay, I'm not taking it the wrong way.
Just admit that america was a big mistake and you want to be a British colonist again and we will forgive you.
Lol. It's your fault for not obliterating us. I know you guys were fighting the french but still.

Britain was more than capable.
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yeah the king at the time was suffering mental illness, we were also invading india which we thought would be more valubable.

Our marines torched the white house and went home, kind of to prove a point, its the reason the white house is so white, we did that :)
It was actually black when it was torched and we painted it white.
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devonrevenge wrote:
Our marines torched the white house and went home, kind of to prove a point, its the reason the white house is so white, we did that :)

Devonrevenge, you and Fredbill30 seem to be posting solely to get your post count up anymore.

The White House Historical Association wrote:
It has nothing to do with the burning of the house by the British in 1814, although every schoolchild is likely to have heard the story that way. The building was first made white with lime-based whitewash in 1798, when its walls were finished, simply as a means of protecting the porous stone from freezing. Why the house was subsequently painted is not known. Perhaps presidents objected to the dirty look as the whitewash wore away. The house acquired its nickname early on. Congressman Abijah Bigelow wrote to a colleague on March 18, 1812 (three months before the United States entered war with England): "There is much trouble at the White House, as we call it, I mean the President's" (quoted in W. B. Bryan, "The Name White House," Records of the Columbia Historical Society 34-35 [1932]: 308). The name, though in common use, remained a nickname until September 1901, when Theodore Roosevelt made it official.

How is that post to get post count up?

Honestly I could care less if there was a post count or not. I wouldn't care if it was reset to zero honestly.

Thanks for clarification, my teacher read a book to us and explained it like they burnt it then we painted it white.
You can't just paint over a torched building... you have to actually rebuild it. Books can be just as full of crap as the internet, don't believe everything you read, otherwise you'll start trying to make potions to fight dragons or something.
Fredbill30 wrote:
How is that post to get post count up?

I'm starting to come to this conclusion based on your past remarks and current standings. Don't know if everyone else is coming to the same conclusion for the same reasons or not, but I know I've seen several say you are just posting to get your count up.

You and devon both said you wanted to prove yourselves as programmers. Yet you guys seem to stay mainly to the Lounge and when you do post they are completely pointless or useless. For example, no one cares who could beat who between the US/Britain and no one cares what countries have against Americans. All countries hate us for something and like us for something, same with beating us all countries could beat us in one regard or another and not worth wasting time debating it.
@BHXSpecter, I think the same thing. Lots of FredBill's posts are one or a few words, or just completely useless like this thread.
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