What do the British have against Americans?

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Simple answer nothing
Fine then I guess I won't post to make your guy's day better. I just want to brighten your days up.
not to worry fredbill, I find most people are a lot more restrained than me too, we just have to remember to reign it in a little, but not too much, you can PM if you want to critique a comment before you post it anytime
BHXSpecter wrote:
I'm starting to come to this conclusion based on your past remarks and current standings. Don't know if everyone else is coming to the same conclusion for the same reasons or not, but I know I've seen several say you are just posting to get your count up.

Yeah I think it is a mutual conclusion by many. I've outright called him a forum troll before.
Posting to get more posts is silly.

I don't even think we SHOULD have a post count.
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