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I just youtubed "babies" for my two-year old, and she wanted to see a "funny baby videos" compilation.

So the commercial that pops up before the video starts right out with an image of a man standing next to a table with a woman vivisected on it. What the hell?!

I don't watch that crap, let alone feed it to my kid!

I'm angry about it. Hell, I was tubing for cute baby videos.

what sort of misogynist evil filth wants to spread that anyway
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Media and advertising has gotten way out of control. You are hard pressed to find any shows on TV that isn't either about killing, sex, drugs, whatever and now even commercials are picking up on it. Then you get to the internet where regulations are less strict and you see stuff like you mentioned...

It's kind of sad really because this is what our children will be growing up to, we can try and protect them from it as best we can but we can't be with them 24/7 and no matter what everyone says it is hard to deny that TV shows, games, magazines, advertising, whatever doesn't have a affect on young minds.
Duoas wrote:
I don't watch that crap

Are you sure? Everybody knows Google customizes the searches and ads for the given user. Heh, heh.
kittywood studios

I don't see the ads (clive and youtube-viewer)
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What? People still watch commercials? Why?
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Some people are too lazy to skip them. Sometimes this happens when my family is watching TV during dinner.
What? People still watch TV? Why?
With PCs you have to download files, or look for a site to stream them. This requires some degree of waiting or preparation, plus bandwidth. With TV you just browse the channels and see what they offer. We have Sky so the choices are a lot. Sometimes it also happens that you stumble on a program you've never heard about that you end up liking. Also the remote is useful.

I'm all for the PC approach though.
With PCs you have to download files, or look for a site to stream them. This requires some degree of waiting or preparation, plus bandwidth.

Find a show you like.

Get the entire series. (downloading a full series for me takes maybe 2 hrs)

Don't have to look for another shows for a few weeks. Can watch any show whenever you want with no additional prep time.

Or if you want to stream, Youtube has several movies and full episodes of shows. And what it doesn't have might be on Hulu. And if not, odds are good it's on Netflix (which costs a fraction of what basic cable does).

Additionally many shows have full versions available online, often with bonus footage that isn't aired on TV due to time constraints (see: Daily Show and other Comedy Central works)

vs. TV where you're limited to what happens to be showing at the time you sit down to watch it. I can't tell you how many times I've flipped through 100+ cable channels and found absolutely nothing worth watching.

Though granted bandwidth can be an issue if you live somewhere remote. My parents are stuck in such a situation, but they live in the middle of nowhere (in the mountains by a lake). I'm pretty sure these days even smaller and mid-size towns have broadband accessibility.. at least in the States.

TV just seems so.... antiquated.
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I doubt you can find all this stuff in italian.
I for one can't wait until all the TV stations switch over to using the Internet for broadcasting and TV finally dies. The Internet is far better. I've not used Netflix yet, but the idea of a website that replaces TV and you can watch whatever is available for a small subscription fee (which is significantly cheaper than a TV subscription) is awesome. And it can stream to any device that supports it, so you effectively have a TV subscription that follows you anywhere in the world and it still costs a fraction of the price of a TV subscription. I love the digital age.
With FreeView and FreeSat PVRs I am rarely short of things I want to watch. FreeSat seems to be better quality (picture and sound) than I get from on demand services and I have the added bonus of seeing trailers for programs that I would otherwise have not known about (plus a bit of channel hopping). I love broadcast TV (will NEVER pay for SKY)

chrisname, In the UK you only need a TV licence if you watch/record programs as they are broadcast, if you only watch catch up services and the likes of Netflix you don't need one.
@Grey Wolf
Interesting. We had to buy one this year because two of my housemates have TVs, but next year I will live with different people and maybe won't have to buy one.

But by TV subscription I was referring to services like Sky. I forgot about TV license.
I haven't had TV for a long time. We haven't really missed it.

We just watch movies. Last year my wife signed up for Netflix, which we like. I get to watch Dogfights (an old show I like on the History channel), and my kids like Merlin and the like.

[edit] I do miss watching Jeopardy, though.
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My dad took off cable and put Netflix (we had both before). I really must say I do miss cable, the Legend of Kora, I miss the History channel's stuff on Napoleonic-Era battles. I do love the things Netflix has to offer however.
Fredbill30 wrote:
I really must say I do miss cable, the Legend of Kora,

Fredbill30 wrote:
I miss the History channel's stuff on Napoleonic-Era battles

That literally took me 2 mins to find both of those.
It's not the same when you watch it on youtube. I can feed my history addiction by watching mount and blade warband + the Napoleonic wars DLC, with an organized regiment battle.
It's not the same when you watch it on youtube.

Aside from lack of commercials, being able to seek to any part in the show, and having it on demand... how is it different?
Because I have a 55 inch flat screen in my living room and my room upstairs and it looks so weird with it not being on a large screen on my laptop.

Also what does vivisected mean?
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Get adblock, no commercials on youtube :)
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