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Because I have a 55 inch flat screen in my living room and my room upstairs and it looks so weird with it not being on a large screen on my laptop.

So put youtube on your 55" TV. This is 2013, you know... that's not difficult to do.

Most TVs made in the last few years (especially the really big ones) have all sorts of inputs. The designers know people do this stuff. They know traditional TV is becoming more and more obsolete.

Also what does vivisected mean?
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But my blueray player is hooked up and people watch it at all times downstairs, my brother in my room plays ps3 all day so I have no time to use it.
I don't get it. If you never get to watch TV anyway, then what are we even talking about?

In fact... not being able to access the TV is yet another reason why TV sucks. At least in your situation.
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Yea before when there was cable we all used to sit around the TV and watch it together but now netflix has so much variety it has been reduced to the old fashioned "turns". D;
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