Which languages can you speak?

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It is only curiosity Which languages can you speak and where are you from?
I am from Türkiye and surprisingly I can speak turkish and english. Additionally I can speak little german and japanese.
I can speak English and Chinese.
so you you must be from Chine?
English and a tiny bit of German.
So how are things in Turkey going for you? Have you participate in riots? Oh, and I speak a little German, well... I know the dirty words at least.

And I'm American.
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Only speak English...I am from Ireland
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I know English, French, and a little Creole and I used to learn Japanese but I forgot how it was structured.
so you you must be from Chine?

No I am not from China.
It is quite interesting to see what languages people can speak.
damnit Fred! Do I need to remind you that you are 12. You are not supposed to know 17 freakin languages.
English and Polish.. woo!
There are being protest at night in some regions but they are not making news
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But I tried to learn Japanese like 3 years ago and I learned like 17 words and phrases so I guess Japanese is off the list.

Creole branches from French and my grandma is from St.Lucia (I think that's how you spell it).

My grandma's dad was french
I speak English...and sometimes late on a Friday night I speak Gibberish with a heavy slur.
-> I learned like 17 words

It is a great progress man why dont you continue :)
English and a little German (took about two years of it) from Arizona, USA.
I understand Turkey does not want bad publicity, so they try not to broadcast it. This is off topic but do you know Tarkan? He is a singer.
Old Devonian
yes i know Tarkan.

Is there a language named Devonian?
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I'm assuming he meant because his name is devon. Him and fred like to talk about themselves a lot.
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No, that's Devon's thing. I don't talk about myself :p
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