Which languages can you speak?

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I don't understand anything from what you said sorry.
I am a Muslim Arabian,
I speak and write English & Arabic, both fluently.
I used to speak Bahasa Melayo too (Malaysian language) bust since no one speaks it in Yemen, I forget it day after a day.

I started learning Persian, but unfortunately no self-stream no motivation because there is no one to speak with, even in the internet via Skype.

I would be happy to learn a 3rd/4th language if there is motivation for it, at least some one to speak with via Skype.

And one more thing

I speak c++ :D
no no, Devon is a place which has an old Gaelic language.
Speaking c++ nice :D
If I were you i would learn japanese or russian so they really easy for a Turk. But unfortunately you are Yemen :D
I search Devon is it in England? wikipedia say so
Oh yeah, I started learning British Sign Language also. Thought it'd be cool to have a deaf friend and have secret conversations that no-one else could understand. I'd also like to echo-locate (added hyphen because when I re-read this comment, I read it as e-chocolate). That way, if I lose any single sense, I will still be able to function.
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But it is a problem to find a friend who wants learn a language which no one speaks with you
A Handbook of West Country Brythonic: The Forgotten Celtic Tongue of South West England c.700 A.D. (Old Devonian)
I am thinking to learn Russian senhor,
They have a lot of untranslated knowledge and science that I wish to seek.
But unfortunately you are Yemen :D

No, happily I am Yemeni, Arabic is one of the hardest languages in the world and learning other languages after Arabic is easier then learning Arabic after English or so.

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Tarkan has a home in Istanbul. Have you meet him?
And you can speak Turkish too so we can speak with you on skype or facebook etc. :D
Arabic is hard but i mean russian and japenese similar to turkish
yes its very green and we hate the english and more so the cornish because we are better than them XD

I see in greywolfs link the review of the book is written by a cornishman who believes that my cultural heritage belongs to him, they are a bit like that the cornish want to be cool and devonian like us, theres even an angry separatist group that wants to be the next IRA but they have only wrote a bit of graffiti and thrown a few stones through windows.

they even claim they invented the pasty, theres good hard evidence fortunately that proves it originates from devon.

the pasty is a pastry with a thick crust, arsenick miners would eat there lunch by the crust and throw the contanimated crust away afterwards, there were no arsenick mines in cornwall in that period.
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Every singer in Turkey has a home in Istanbul :D and i meet with so many of them but I have never met with Tarkan. And if you ask me there is too many singer better then Tarkan in Tukey
Dont hate no one, it is not good
I hate hating, don't know if it is logical sentence.
any way, I hate Turkish drama series >:(
I dont like the series too but movies are good. And number of turkish speakers incresing day by day
lol. I asked because he also has a place in London and in the USA near where I live.
English, and a bit of C++ lol
lol. I asked because he also has a place in London and in the USA near where I live.

I had not known that.
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