Which languages can you speak?

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Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish and I know a little bit of Spanish. I'm starting to forget it but I will learn it one day.
5 languages really amazing. Which one is easier than others?
But I consider myself to be fluent only in the first two.
English was hard at first because it was the first foreign language I had to learn and it is very different from my native language. I could choose from English and french but french is useless compared to English

I understand Polish because my grandfather spoke it.

I learned Russian because I had to learn a second foreign language at school and it was quite easy as I knew some Polish and these languages have many similarities. the only inconvenience was that I had to learn cyrillic alphabet, especially writing because some written letters are spelled differently in latin and cyrillic. I can't read fast but I understand almost everything when I'm watching TV.

I started learning Spanish because I wanted to learn another language and I didn't have anything else to do. I don't know why but it seems to be easier than english.
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After learning one language from a family, the other languages in that family seems easier.(I dont know if you say it a language family inEnglish)
I suppose, however, if I did find time to master a second language, I would choose to learn Japanese.

Maybe one day I will, but for now I am still learning to speak C++. ;)
@Yemeni Cpluspluser

I am thinking to learn Russian senhor,
They have a lot of untranslated knowledge and science that I wish to seek.

Are you going to be a spy?:)
Japanese has really easy grammer. But the alphabets are hard to remember.

Being a spy? lol
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You can speak japenese?nice
No i can't speak. I know the grammer but i dont know vocabulary /: and i dont have time to practise my language skills. My family aren't helping me with my procress
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But why would u learn Japenese?
Japenese technology is further than ours and japans are really friendly people.Also turkish and japanese are from the same family so it is easy to learn japanese for me.
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Yea sry for the question it was stupid
English is my native language and I also know some Japanese.

Mainly for the video games. ;)
No it wasnt stupid
Japanese is the language of my heart since every material thing I like comes from Japan. And understand I am from the Mario generation. I also grew up watching Japanese animation cartoons, And in case you missed it, please call me Manga.
... I'm from Poland and I speak Polish [obviously], English [...], Russian [my favourite], Italian [not good] and Finnish [just a bitty bit of] and German [I know 5 words only Update: 0]. [Polish is cool.]
Did you read Death note?
I speak both English and a bit of Spanish (not nearly enough for my tastes, though enough to make simple conversation). Once I get Spanish down, I will get right on to trying other languages- of course, I have to find the time for that. Four years of Spanish tends to eat up time when it comes to language-learning, after all.
Death Note...

I liked the artwork by Takeshi Obata. Does that count?
Death Note is really good. One of the animes which i like.
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