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Any tips ppl got to help me focus on learning c++.I get distracted easily...sometimes I play games on desktops or when on ipad I keep coming here....
it's normal for a 12 year old like you to choose playing games over studying. You can't force yourself to unlike it. you must have an inspirations. search for "ferrari" on google images. do you want it? then study hard. do you want to be the next bill gates? then study hard. do you want to beat japanese games? then study hard. but since you're 12 its hard so it's up to you.
Just stop making various lounge threads and go program already.
Thanks all


I made this post last night like at 1:30 am on my ipad..thanks all..i have just deleted all my games i dont play them...thanks again
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Also you might wanna check out a tool like which can lock you out of the internet for a set amount of time and you can't reverse it unless you reboot. I found something like this very handy when studying from my books. There is better tools out there that can block certain applications like games and internet, ect but they cost a bit more.

I still use freedom today when I need for force myself to work on a project. I just make sure I have all the documentation I need downloaded on my computer then set freedom to lockout my internet for a few hours and just code.
There is a free version of that program:

Thanks Zereo ill see if it works on Linux...that is handy :)

And thanks senhor for the free
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first thing in the morning is good because the details of the day would inefere otherwise, also if you have a focusing problem in the UK you can get prescribed ritalin, In the US I think you can buy it out right, if you take that root keep an eye on your weight and paranoia.
Don't all kids use ritalin?
UK its pretty hard to get, ADHD is overdiagnosed because people think its wrong if their kids arent slobs like the rest of the family :D

Don't all kids use ritalin?
I wonder if its big pharma getting them into drugs as young as possible XD
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what is ritalin?
meth amphetamines for children
meth amphetamines? It is really explanatory. (:
I searched it. It looks like common for university students but they says it is not effective.
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@sorry but you are late :D
I live in Ireland..what do u mean get Ritalin...what will it do?

I'm a 12 year old so I don't think I can take it..
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You are the perfect age for it.
He's the perfect age for meth?
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