Runescape 3

I used to really love RS in it's old days, now it's bad and filled with bots and idiots.

However the creators are making a Runescape 3, which is completely different from the old days, but as different as it is, I actually like it. It comes out it about 18 days.

It looks really nice, it has a new audio engine and uses HTML 5, which allows for dynamic shadows. It looks like it's gonna be really nice.

What do you guys think of it? I looks extremely nice and I'm probably gonna get back to RS now.
Dunno, haven't looked at RS since my account got hacked.
I played it since 2004,
to 2009
then my account got hacked
and lost
for ever
tried to recover it
and again failed
created another account in 2011
now I stopped playing it,


arrrrrrghtttttttt don't remind me,
but I play now world of tanks
it great game , try it,
tell me when u play it so that I add u
I might play that, once I get my optiplex.

New RS is pretty bad, but RS 3 seems really nice. It's completely different from the old RS, but this one seems more fun. The battle of Lumbridge seems really interesting.
we can play together in the future, although I now hate it because my old account was hacked and never able to recover it

playing it with known players would be fun
Yea, maybe we could start a clan.

I'm only level 40 on it however. I haven't really been interested on getting a high level since level 35 or so, so I just have been occasionally killing a player here and a monster there, and talking to the players has been nice.

I hope you can recreate an account, and I can give you money (I lost a lot of it in investments though) and armour.
ok Fred I will open it now and see my account
Lol, whoever called the cops is an idiot. If you were gonna kill/terrorize someone why would they post it on an online game?
What you said may or may not become your actions. It's like saying jokes about "bomb" at the airport. Better safe than sorry. Whoever doesn't call the cops is an idiot =). But a 8-10 years sentence is too harsh I think.
Whoever would call the cops on you if you say "I'm going to murder you!" and then say "lol jk" immediately afterwards is an idiot.

Especially on a game.
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It wasn't "I'm going to murder you! lol jk"

It was: "I'm going to go on a killing spree in real life."

On the one hand, I can see where folks wouldn't take that seriously given the venue. On the other hand, I can see why folks might not want to take the risk of not taking that seriously.

What I definitely do not see is that, regardless of medium, people who report those who make threats about killing people in real life to the appropriate authorities are idiots. Then again, I'm not a person who thinks sarcasm on the internet is suitable as a general style of communication. Do you think I'm an idiot? Or do you think I have a different perspective? Do you think people who have perspectives that differ from yours are idiots?
What if a murderer says "lol jk" after telling people he's going to murder them, but then actually does it?
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Also saying your joking doesn't absolve you from taking responsibility for your actions. Now I don't agree that the kid should get up to 10 years in prison (That is maximum sentence usually it is no where near that in reality)since they found no evidence that he was actually going to follow through with his threats.

Though that doesn't mean what he said was ok to say just because he was "joking". This is the common belief now days that you can say anything you want as long as you just say it was a joke or say you weren't being serious. Which is just stupid in my opinion. You should think things through before you say something and if you aren't ready to live with the consequences of saying it maybe it isn't something you should say.

As for the person being a idiot who called it in. He is actually smart for doing so. Many shootings, suicides, and other things have been prevented by people who saw a Facebook post or saw a email or was told about something that might happen and took it seriously and reported it.
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But did they say 'jk' after?
Well BUMP - I was having trouble with RS and finally got it to work. From a year+ of not logging it seemed as though my money was reset. Oh, and I guess this old ass laptop can run it on high detail too.
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