Which programming language

I want to be a game programmer as you know. For reaching my goal which languages can you recommend me. I think I need to learn java and lua.

Edit: I meant which languages are effective for making games.
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All languages can make games,
The best language is the one you master the most for gaming development
but I see now a days they use c# for game programming
I'd suggest C++ personally. It is object-oriented, compiles to binary, has lots of different tools, and is widely used so there's a great big community. I also aspire to be a game programmer, and I think that C++ really will be the best for me to learn all the way. But, like Yemeni Cpluspluser said, any programming language will work, but some are more efficient than others. All I could say is pick a language, learn it and never let anyone discourage you from using it.
Thnaks. I think learning c# may be good for me.
I think you should hit solved before this turns into a language debate.
Roger that
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It really all depends on what type of Game Programming you want to do. Indie Games or AAA Professional Studio Games? Also graphics or game logic or tools, ect?

For AAA games you will benifit most likely from knowing C++, Java and/or C#, and a scripting language.

For Indie Games just pick your favorite language and maybe sprinkle in a scripting language to help production go faster.

Though once you hit a certain point in your studies you will realize that

1) You should know atleast 3-4 languages and different types of languages like functional, dynamic, static, ect.


2) It really doesn't take nearly as long to learn a new language when you already know the core concepts. Picking up the syntax is easy the hard part is learning the basic concepts of programming, which thankfully are mostly the same in most languages.

So basically go with whatever language you like better and don't stick with just a 1 or 2 languages. You can never know enough programming languages in my opinion.
Thanks for reply i will try to learn over 5 languages
I'd look at one language at a time, act like that's your only language you're learning, then once you're comfortable, move on.
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Yes all languages can make games..... there is java 3D thats gettin populer..but if u learn c++ you will know a little of java or if u learn java u will know c++ a little...java is easier.....less code..so its up to you
No actually its more code for java.

Have you seen their long ass function names?
I've heard that java becomes easier than C++ once you start reaching classes and such (I don't know for sure, I'd never gotten that far)
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After a while of working with them, all C derived languages are easy to pick up. And eventually learning a completely new language of even a new paradigm will be easy to you.
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after readin your recommends i decided to learn:
1 C++
2 Java
3 Lua
4 Phyton
5 C#
I've read (in a book even, by some guy from the Ultima team) that they used C# pretty extensively for development tools. Wasn't part of the game per se, but was used to build things that made the game.
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