Google chrome spy's on you

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Will the NSA be interested in YOUR internet browsing metadata? It's a country trying to protect it's interests, and move forward it's agenda. This situation is undoubtedly a common occurrence with all nations I'm guessing. The only foul here is that Mr. Snowden think it more important to inform foreign governments of America's intelligence gathering capabilities. I can almost guarantee that all other governments that are able, are participating in the same activities... Seems to me like a citizen without much gratitude towards the country who enabled Mr. Snowden to become such an intelligent guy.

Microsoft spies on you, Apple spies on you, if you use Ubuntu Linux - it spies on you too! Unless you're purposefully using Linux to avoid all possible evidence that you visited doubleD-', then just accept you are being looked at by atleast one or two different organizations and if you arn't planning the next attack on a major city, you'll be fine... Nobody cares that you visit doubleD-' Trust me
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Yea they are trying to protect...but it's creepy the way ppl spy on you..if u know what I mean
[Surveillance] should not scare the innocent
The obvious problems with your argument aside, you seem to have put a lot of faith in a data mining algorithm, not to mention the organizations that use it.

If [the government are going to take away all your rights and you're gonna live under a dictatorship], I'm sure soliders wouldn't be in the army.
??? Are you implying that dictatorships don't have armies, or that their armies are automated?

Nobody cares that you visit doubleD-'
Nobody cares that you go to the restroom, either, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't mind having a camera pointed at your toilet.
No, I'm implying if soldiers are used to freedom, and it becomes a dictatorship, that the soldiers would join the rebellion.
1. That implies that no one is left in the army, hence that there is no army.
2. It ignores and makes impossible the existence of coups d'etat.
3. It makes a dictatorship unsustainable if not impossible, since a government without armed forces has no authority. Doubly so for illegitimate governments. Triply so if it also has to contend with the last government's armed forces.
4. It contradicts all historical experience. Armed forces don't lose significant strength after major changes in political leadership from internal processes. It could happen if the country is invaded and loses its independence, though.
Well, on the topic of Google Chrome sending tracking data... You know of all those lovely mini-files that you download? Cookies? What do you think those are?

They're all tracking files to the sites you visit, in order to direct specific ads your way. Google does the same thing with your searches, regardless of what browser you're on. However, there is a caveat- you can opt out of all of this on their respective websites. You just have to muck about in the unseen parts of those websites to do so- the business parts.

That's the link to their opt-out page, by the way.

Also, Ghostery is a nice browser add-on to tell you who's doing what on your browser based on your info.

Actually, don't use Ghostery. It in itself is an information tracker.
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Well, on the topic of Google Chrome sending tracking data... You know of all those lovely mini-files that you download? Cookies? What do you think those are?

They're all tracking files to the sites you visit, in order to direct specific ads your way.

I would suggest you learn what cookies are used for. Yes cookies can be used to direct ad's but that isn't what they are mainly used for.

As for the argument you have nothing to worry about if you are not doing anything wrong is a complete joke of a argument. Once you give the power to the government to spy on you it is very hard to get you privacy back. And who is to say they aren't going to use it for malicious ends? We are talking about the same government (USA) that allows drone bombings on US citizens, that the IRS targeted specific political parties to harass, that is suppressing certain news organizations freedom of the press and the list goes on and that is only in the past few years.

What is to say they won't use the data they collected to ruin someones run for a political office that they don't like? Oh what if a journalist is getting on their bad side and they wanna release some information about him/her to damage their reputation? Or the government doesn't agree with a certain company and uses their personal information against them?

It might seem that I am acting paranoid, but these things do happen. Just look at the evidence in history. Sacrificing liberty for security is never the answer and has always turned out bad.

And putting blind trust in your government to do the right thing is just plain stupid. All throughout history it can be seen when you give the government to much power they abuse it. Remember the government works for YOU not the other way around.
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That is 100% true like now adays I get pc adds and such before I used to get different ones..and it's also about the site...I also heard that if you have cookies that is also sent to the government.....
I agree zereo, whats happening now always goes wrong.

that data from the NSA could be used to feed a social control unit.

its not about what your looking at online but how much a country can leverage and blackmail potentially powerful individuals or create some kind of large scale 'nudge unit'

Actually guys, when america gets one of these if it hasn't allready then things ARE going to get bleak, if there isnt a nudge unit they are going to love how effective its gonna be on americans, just think, any law any cooperation or government want could come true!

Also I imagine a military coup de etat isnt difficult to pull off in america, if it hasnt already.
just create the right media enviroment and no one apart from the hippies and michael moore would blink and then the NSA's data could be very useful.
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yea but guys u can just set up a VPN and ull be all setting one up now. :) and u can dos while ur at it :)
Zereo: Yes, I understand what cookies are, and how their primary use isn't directing specific ads your way. However, when it comes to first-party cookies, there's little to worry about. I guess I should have specified- I'm referring to third-party cookies here, not first-party.
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