Does DoS disconnect the target from Internet or only ddos..
What's the difference

Can a dos be done with 1 pc...I have been disconnected twice by minecraft
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DoS = Denial of Service
DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service

DoS is done by a single host. DDoS is done by multiple hosts that are "distributed" about. Typically it's a botnet. The common one you hear about is a DDoS done by a botnet that just floods traffic to a server until it shuts down.

DoS attacks are a little less common because they aren't done by just flooding traffic into the pipe. They're done by targeting some exploit that will cause a server to hang. Or by sending modified packets that will confuse the server. Microsoft servers had an issue years ago where if they got a packet from the outside, but the source address was from the Inside, it wouldn't know what to do and just hang on that packet forever.

SYN flood was another popular DoS attack. This was basically someone would start a TCP handshake with a server, but then not finish it. And then start another one, and another. And would just continue until the server had all of its available threads sitting there waiting for handshakes to finish. There's all sorts of ways to counter this type of attack now though.

But basically a DoS attack will generally be using some sort of exploit or packet engineering to cause the DoS. A DDoS will usually just use a flood of traffic from hundreds or thousands of sources to overwhelm a target. Either by causing uncontrollable network congestion, or overwhelming the target machine.
So I can do a dos to those that did it to me?

And what proxy stuff can I hide behind
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CaptainBlastXD wrote:
...I have been disconnected twice by minecraft

Just because you were disconnected, doesn't mean that some one hates you & is doing a DOS just for you.

There could be all kinds of reason why you were disconnected.

So why go to the extreme of retaliating of doing your own DOS against this probably falsely perceived threat?

Doing so might land you in a lot of trouble, and you are running the risk of turning into an oxygen thief :-)

So, lower your testosterone levels a bit & try to get along with people, rather than rail against the whole world.
no i knwo they dosed me...they shutdown my server with a dos or ddos i donno which and me and some other admins..yea i wont dos or ddos(not a malware creator) i just wanted to know the difference..
CaptainBlastXD wrote:
So I can do a dos to those that did it to me?
CaptainBlastXD wrote:
yea i wont dos or ddos(not a malware creator) i just wanted to know the difference..

Well, I am pleased I managed to convince you.

Just wondering what evidence you have of this DOS attack?

CaptainBlastXD wrote:
they shutdown my server with a dos or ddos i donno which and me and some other admins..

Is it a windows internet server? If so, it is probably full of huge security holes. An Apache server on a Linux box would be a much better idea.

I don't know anything about Mincraft, - what is the purpose of having your own server? I could guess - but that means I am guessing ! And what is involved in your role as admin?
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no i knwo they dosed me...they shutdown my server with a dos or ddos i donno which and me and some other admins..yea i wont dos or ddos(not a malware creator) i just wanted to know the difference..

Let me ask you this how do you know they DoS or DDoS you when you don't even know what a DoS is? How do you know that your server didn't just have a few problems and when down for a little bit?

Also you have to realize proxies will do little to nothing for hiding you. Your ISP will still be able to find you and they don't take keenly to people doing DoS attacks and will most likely at the minimum discontinue your service.

If you have hard proof that you were at the end of a DoS attack (Which I don't believe because of the reasons mentioned above) you can contact you ISP and let them know about it and they will take the appropriate measures against the attackers. Just remember you must have hard proof because they won't take kindly most likely if you bother then with "We'll my minecraft server just shutdown for a few minutes! It had to be someone trying to hack my server!".

To get your hard proof take a look at your server logs. If you were DoS you will be able to easily find the proof in them.
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Well I know I was ddosed becuz the guy said bye bye..I'm ddos ing u...and when he also said my booter is it was..but I don't give a crap about it happened like 3 months ago on my 24/7 server....the ddosed was opped by someone and he took all our ips so that's how...I just wanna be ready..or when someone else does it to me and I don't wanna be hacked any free vans for ubuntu out there?
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My favourite kind of DDoS attack is a reflection attack, where you send packets to lots of random addresses but spoof the source address so it seems like it's coming from your target, and then all of the addresses you contact send a response back to the target, overloading it. It's like shooting lasers at mirrors (hence "reflection", I guess). This kills the server.
To be honest, most likely it is going to be a DDOS attack with a UDP attack vector due to Game connection using UDP rather than TCP connection therefore doing a UDP attack will be more easier to flood a Game server.

Use a VPN or Dedicated Server with a DDOS protection software installed such as CloudFlare or such.

Next reflection attack is not very powerful if using Windows because there are a lot of Security Fixes and such to block using Raw Sockets but on *nix it is useful.

Of course I did manage to unblock these via using a Device Driver than doing a false Token Privillege and Group Elevation using DKOM then unblocking those using few tricks. These are hard to perform in Windows x64 though for malicious purposes because of ALSR so bypassing it would mean to actually get the random addresses and it is incredibally complicated methods so the only way it so create a Boot level program to replace few boot Sectors to reduce ALSR functionality therefore allowing the useage of Unsigned Drivers.

To be honest my favorite Attack vector is Slowloris because it is incrediebaly powerful and hard to detect.

On topic:

It seems like a Seems like he has a dedicated Server to communicate with shells which have symlinked and contacts his Botnets therefore if you trace the IP see if it is proxy if so you can contact few pros to trace back to legit IP then you can report it to the Server Hoster to get it shut down unless it is Bullet-Proof in which case it would be nearly impossible to get it shut down.
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@Zereo;I do knwo dos and ddos..there are booter that u can buy online and ddos and there is also loin(Low orbit ion cannon) which i used..i had dosed my friend port 80 which was open but my internet went down instead i dont know i asked how do u guys do it (Well im sry i said something else) so i do know dos but i thought if i start my question like if i did not know anything about it..i would have learned some other stuff...

and my server i paid 8 dollers a month (not anymore) which was hosted on another server minecraft there are ranks(a plugin called permissionEx) so i had admins..i was owner,,,and the co-owner wasnt online that there was this girl who came (Oliver) she said if u dont give me admin rank i will ddos u and ur friends...i laughed and than said i only know server ip not ours..she than said my ip...and than she said byebye....i kicked her and than boom the server crashed...than like 5 min later it was on....and than i had benned her but she ddosed me than....(i knew becuz my chrome wouldnt work and my skype call ended with cookies567) and than when i got back she said that my internet went off to... so oliver was gone and she didnt do anything after that..and than i just finished with minecraft cuz programming was more important to me
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