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I am learning c++ for over than 2 weeks and for 3-4 days i am coding in my dreams. After getng up i am trying all the code which i saw in my dream. And they really work. What is the problem with me. I dont want to see more code in my dreams ):
Get used to it. =P I think that happens to most of us.
Dreaming about things that interest/excite you is pretty normal human behavior.
thanks but sometimes it is really disturbing
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Wow lucky u..I wish I could have dreams like that
It's also theorized that sleeping is a time where you can process events that have occurred in the day. If you spend most of your days coding, it's entirely possible your brain spends the night analyzing that from every angle. I find that when I work (i lay decorative curbs on the weekends, 12 hour days of shoveling concrete in 100 degree weather, 100% humidity..), i dream about doing it that night as well.
I 100% support Thumper's post, it most definitely holds accurate for me.
you get coding dreams when you do a lot, its better than the basketball dreams i had when i was living in a boat, i would suddenly duck a ball and headbutt the bulkhead of the boat :/

@thumper, I loved my ground working jobs when I was your age, you will miss that work (believe it or not).
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Is it a good think in your opinion?
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Yep...I heard this 14 year old programmer and he said I solve my code in my dreams...I need to do more programming but my parents bring me on trips all the time...I'm on my ipad using 3G to post this right now.....we did BBQ in the mountains
16 years old :D
devonrevenge wrote:
you will miss that work (believe it or not).
Oh definitely. I love working with my hands (on occasion.) Otherwise I would just sit on my butt all day and be a bum. It keeps me human, I guess.

CaptainBlastXD wrote:
my parents bring me on trips all the time
Enjoy the trips man. I don't go on enough.
I suppose when you're younger barbecue's and these gatherings seem pointless. I find that I need them to stay sane. :P
I dont like the trips too. They are not enjoyable with parents.
I don't code in my dreams. D;

Well 2 days ago I did, but I usually don't remember these things.

Usually I just dream about being at school and talking to my friends and stuff.

Either that or I dream about me wrestling in school.
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@Thumper...I'm home now it's 00:30 and I haven't programmed at all.,.like imagine that was would u feel...I feel angry....and I was bored on the stupid trip
@fredbill, you dream about posting in the lounge instead XD
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Enjoy the trips like Thumper said. I can see how being 12 years old you might think they are pointless and boring. But just wait, I guarantee you that once you are older you will wish you could go on trips all the time.

Once you are our age you will wish you could go on trips to the mountains to BBQ all the time. Instead we are stuck working every weekday and some weekends and can't afford to go on trips anytime soon because we have bills ;p

@Thumper...I'm home now it's 00:30 and I haven't programmed at all.,.like imagine that was would u feel...I feel angry....and I was bored on the stupid trip.

Welcome to the life of a grown up. Most days we have no time to program at all or do things that we like to do. Enjoy your childhood while it last because you will soon see how much freedom you had to do what you wanted to do ;p.

EDIT: Gezz I just reread that and I know feel like a old man.
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Look i hate this i so wanna get out ...when on weekends or holidays i only get 2 to 3 hours a day. (if we are not going anywhere).and i have to take breaks in the middle and thats annoying when in a middle of a task ...and on school days i only get 1 hour a day....and sometimes not even a second....well atleast its summer holidays now

if u had a day in my life i sware u would want to run back to ur life and program...i sware i even tell my mum and dad that i program bu they just say its bad for ur eys and i tell them well look at me im 100 metres away from the screen...and than they just come with stupid excuses i sware
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Ohh typical kids ;p How I wish I was that age again.
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