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I want to make a short online video tutorial for a simple software program that I have developed. I have seen many video tutorials on youtube but I do not understand how they capture the PC screen mouse movements etc.

Do they simply have any external camera that is focused on the PC screen or does there exist any software that can capture the screen shots?

In either case can anybody suggest the camera specifications so that a decent quality tutorial can be made?
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Alot of people use camtasia. Not sure if there's a free version or trial though.
Use Hypercam or Bandicam.
Go for it!
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You can use Fraps
Thats for capturing wont work full screen and it costs...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I think you can find a free version but i dont sure if it will work for full screen capturing.
Dude there is a free version like fro everything cuz its pirated....its someone who makes a crack for it.
I meant cracked version :D
Ok...yea but its bad o get them
Thanks for the suggestions, will check them out!
Well thanks for stealing my idea (Didn't get to upload them yet).

Anyway I use camstudio. Contrary to popular belief it actually works quite well once you set the settings correctly.
Yea heard of that
sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

linux rules.
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Lol yea what version of linux do u use?
i use UBUNTU 12.04
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I'm using pin guy which is pretty much just like Mint. It's just a customized Ubuntu 12.04 that uses a gnome 3 desktop interface.
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Cool i checked it out its nice..with 2 docks..i might install it and give it a try..:)
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