What drink is good for a Programmer

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What's the point of drinking beer with no alcohol.

Beer tastes disgusting.
My preference for alcoholic beverages is to get a glass of coke and add Captain Morgan Spiced Rum to it. Though this is a rarity as I don't drink alcohol that much and, as mentioned before, I don't drink coke that much except for meals.
Fredbill30 wrote:
Beer tastes disgusting.

No, American beer tastes disgusting. Come to Europe some day when you're 18 (yes, 18, not 21; in fact in some places depending on the amount of alcohol or kind of drink, it's lower).
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cause it doesnt taste disgusting to everyone so they drink it to not have the hang over
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Its aquired taste. When I worked construction when I was younger there was nothing better then coming home after a long day and sipping on a ice cold beer.
Fentimans Curiosity Cola is nice and content of up to 0.5% alcohol...but still sold as a soft drink.
:( I don't want to drink.
Ew why would you drink other peoples spit?
You think thats bad you should avoid Kopi Luwak Coffee.
I don't drink coffee.
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What garbage are u guys talking about

EDIT - Lolwut^ I mean't to say "Beer."
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I think you dragged the "submit" button into the text box.
Yeah I think it is safe to say that. Either that or he broke himself.

If you are man enough you could drink chocolate milk straight, but make sure you have a designated driver first.

Well, that about wraps up, "what programmers drink" portion. Now on to the more serious topic, "what programmers wear."... boxers or briefs?
Oh come on, everyone knows it is commando! :P
I drink every thing.
Ewww! Yemeni Cpluspluser drinks dog pee! Gross!
Lol, I forgot I should make things more specific.
I drink every thing drinkable by humans.(&healthy)
I just heard Yemeni drinks dog pee! I can't wait to tell someone. :)
One more and I will delete my previous comments making you guys look like idiots talking to your selves. :P
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