What drink is good for a Programmer

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thats ok i took a snapshot

That's 3 versus 1, not fair.
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OMG WHAT? Yemeni Cpluspluser drinks dog pee?
I'm having a think now. Maybe Yemeni knows something we don't. Maybe we shouldn't knock it till we try it. Zereo you go first.
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thats a great finish manga!
hardcore programmers drink deisel
Hey, I've read that there are some people who drink their own urine because they think it makes them virile. I'm pretty sure it would just make me spend a few days vomiting and in the hospital.
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how do you do it yemeni?
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What the crap are u ppl talking about
actually just a tiny part of uraic acid is present in urine the rest is water, second the body is full of enzymes and good bacteria that your body benefits from


so I guess good programmers drink their own urine, saves getting up and going to the loo i guess :D

i dont drink my own urine, in devon we drink deer urine but only around september (is trippy)
Melted cheese.
I drink the tears of a unicorn, puts pep in your step.

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ive heard from-a-source-who-won't-be-named that the blood is better
God, we are some seriously screwed up individuals. We are even worse when you get us together :P.
@Grey Wolf

That Unicorn Tears pic says "puts the sparkle in suffering"

I thought that was Twilight.

I drink the tears of a unicorn, puts pep in your step.

Are they tears of sadness or joy?
Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way.

that sounds almost a beneficial as rubbing snake oil on yourself :D
You need three 2 liters: one for drinking, one for pissing, and one for ashing. It's easy to remember not to drink the piss, but not ashing in the drink... that's the tough part.

But really, if you want to always be drinking something, be drinking water.

We don't do milk here either, not much for dairy. We do drink Almond Milk, that stuff is good.

I'm pretty sure if you drink all of your piss you will die quickly. A month comes to mind, but I don't know if that's factual.
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For the record... my dog piss joke was intended to be a quick and hilarious zinger, but I'm somewhat regretful that it steered the topic in this direction.

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