Useful language to learn other than C++ and Java

The title pretty much says it all: what are some other good, and useful programming languages other than C++ and Java?
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I would jump into a scripting language like Python, Ruby or Lua. I am biased towards Python though since I have been digging into web development with Django and game programming with pyglet.

I would also look at functional languages like Haskell or Scala.

It really comes down to what type of programming you want to do or what type interests you. But generally I usually suggest that people learn at least 3+ languages (More the better in my opinion) and try and learn different styles of programming like Dynamic, Static, Functional, ECT.
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i would also learn the what i like to call big three:
c++ (for linux)
c# (for windows)
obj-c (for mac)

i dont mean in any way that they are the three most important, but ive found that i can do a lot with those in terms of their respective os
as in to get a job : languages like .Net , PHP etc. are also in quite demand.
as in you want to know different languages and programming paradigms then there's Lisp(or Scheme),Haskell
good, and useful programming languages
No programming language is bad or useless they are good for what they were meant to be , whereas languages like C++ tend be more general and applicable for most uses.(even languages like Brainf*ck are good at what they were meant for i.e. give some pain on head :D)
Depends what platform and what you wish to program.

For gaming I use C++.
For desktop software and metro apps, I use C# with JavaScript
For toying around I use C++, Python and sometimes "in-house" script languages provided by toolkits.

Languages you use really reflect what you wish to do. They are just tools and you should learn to use all of the ones you may need, based on what you wish to create.
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