Galaxy S4

I'm bored. Here's a lounge post.

So, I picked up a Galaxy S4 in March. Admittedly, I was a little sucked in by all of the hype and the abundance of features. Four months on, it dawned on me how little of those features I actually use.

So, as seems to by the trend whenever I get a 'droid, I decided to get rid of TouchWiz. I put AOKP on it today and super fast and smooth. My RAM usage on TouchWiz was about 1GB with no apps open (ridiculous, right?). On AOKP, if I have no nice AOKP features (so basically an AOSP phone), I use about 390MB with no apps. Add in those AOKP features and I sit at around 670MB, still a significant reduction from TouchWiz.

Technically running an S3 build, so I reckon there might be problems down the line but I'll have to see. No issues so far, signal seems good, no WiFi/GPS issues. I also think that TouchWiz is the Playmobil equivalent of Android systems. AOKP seems to retain that classy Google feel.

Well, that's about it. As I said. Just bored and this is remotely tech-y so why not? If you're sitting on a TouchWiz-laden S4, I'd recommend assessing how many of Samsung's features you actually use to see if a custom rom is worth it.
What is TouchWiz and AOKP. I am planning to buy an S4
TouchWiz is essentially Samsung's version Android or, at least, the UI. It has all of those air gesture features and stuff like that. It's the default system that is rolled out on the S4.

AOKP is an open source rom (AOSP) by Team Kang. The AOSP roms are generally based on a vanilla build of Android and include some nice customisation features.

As an update on the S4, I'm experiencing some weird WiFi issues (won't connect to a WPA secured router) and BT Audio issues (BT doesn't seem to work in car). I reckon these could be driver issues of some sort. I'm going to see if I can resolve them today because the AOKP rom is so nice to use.
AOSP looks like Xperia's UI
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