Is it just me?

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Sorry gentlemen, I have been away for a day. So, what did I miss? Ah I see we are still on the topic of porn. Very well.

I prefer my porn served with a solitary caucasion male peppered with a light sprinkling of asian women.

Now on the topic of sensorship for children, excuse me, minors... I believe adults should shield minors from sexual material and excessive violence.

Let me put it this way... Too much violence for the young will desensitize them to such. Not a good thing in my opinion, and no child wants to walk in on mom or dad watching porn. Good god, the thought alone makes me tremor.
I think too much porn can be bad for you, we need to take breaks so its exciting to see titties again.
It is legal for women to go in public topless in New York.
Sorry Fred...
There's nothing explicitly sexual about breasts. We've just come to view them that way because they're "forbidden" to see under normal circumstances.

My sister lived in Saudi Arabia for a bit (teaching English) and as an outsider she was able to bend some of their very strict rules regarding women's attire. I forget what they're called, but those hoods they make women wear to cover their face -- she walked around publicly without one.

Guys would often stare... and some guys even approached her and wanted to take her picture. She refused because she saw it as being their "porn".

So yeah... you can sexualize anything, I suppose.

That said... it may sound weird but I don't think outright nudity is that sexy. The right kind of lingerie is waaaaaaay sexier.
That said... it may sound weird but I don't think outright nudity is that sexy.

Massage oil fixes that I think.
On the topic of game violence...

Looking back I think games have always been violent. Even pack-man constantly got eaten by ghosts, but nobody thought about the violence of that. Possibly because pac-man had multiple lives and even when those were gone you could start the game over again.
Violence in games got more attention with the introduction of mortal combat. I remember seeing very realistic characters tearing each opthers guts out with a spray of blood and we called this entertainment. I admit I found it amusing at the time, but now days I think the games I would make would not showcase such graphic slaughter. Action yes, fighting sure... There is something captivating about the life and death struggle. But gratuitous blood and gore, not so much.
I would like to emphasize the fact that it is only a game by having my characters blip out when defeated instead of falling to the ground like a dead body...
Nobody thinks pac-man is violent because it isn't violent. It's ridiculous to call it violent, or simply over thinking it wayyyy too much.

I would like to emphasize the fact...

Not a fact, just your opinion. Some games just wouldn't be that good without the ultra-violence. In fact, it is a fact that it is a game because the player is able to commit bloody, gory and horrible acts against humanity for hours on end and still be considered a totally sane person instead of finding themself in an electric chair.
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You forgot to mention that violence in games is also big business$$$
With the way you look at violence in video games (your pac-man example), which is simply the interaction between the player against an enemy; a feature that almost every single decent game in existence that isn't Farmville needs to function, then yeah it is definitely a core recipe to making a game.

With good design, it will be a game that is "big business$$$". But yeah to reiterate, that interactive nature that makes a game a game, kinda important.
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Its not to say I don't play violent games. They are just not my favorite.

And when I say I would not make a violent game, I mostly mean it, but I might make an exception for an 'urban playground / vampire horror' combo.
Something like GTA meets Twilight. What would a vampire game be without some blood, right?
So you're a grown man who hangs around a little kids playground and suck on their neck? Isn't that illegal? :P
Why am I not surprised?
Manga wrote:
Something like GTA meets Twilight. What would a vampire game be without some blood, right?

GTA meets Twilight? <sarcasm>Yes we need a movie game of vampires and werewolves shooting people up, stealing cars, feeding on them, and sleeping with hookers while dating on the side.</sarcasm>
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So you can smell the dollar signs on a game like that already! It would be big trust me. Vampire teen romance, survival run the streets gang war, it can't go wrong? :)
That's why I play video games, and that's why my characters in RPGs are almost always evil and merciless. It's much more fun. If I couldn't be a thievin', murderin' and enslavin' (Fallout) psychopath in video games I might have become one in real life.

You remind me of this one player named "Chad" on Cow RP.
What is that?
It's on BYOND. However it isn't one of the normal crappy games they have. It has nice admins (although they occasionally fool around), and it's a strict roleplay game. It's basically awesome (despite the terrible graphics) as long as you don't deathmatch/grief, metagame, or multikey. The admins are tolerant of first time offenders. It's real cool.
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