Is it just me?

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I can't tell what's in a thread before I read it. Why I tell you guys to stop is because I don't want to read anymore. It seems as though you guys are just doing it to get on my nerves >.>
devonrevenge wrote:
too much and you will be watching hardcore auto erotic gay baby lamb asphyxiation scat hentai.
You painted a picture man. Your description powers are phenomenal.

Fredbill30 wrote:
I'm too young and so is Captain.
Welcome to the internet.
Seriously though, be careful when pulling that card. One day you'll use it and someone will be like, "He really is too young. Maybe he shouldn't be allowed to visit these sites anymore." (i.e., your parents).
When participating in public forums you run the risk of running into potentially explicit material. It's your job (or your parents), not ours, to filter out what you are and aren't comfortable reading/posting about.
This has not been a particularly vulgar thread. The talk about porn has (with a few crude jokes) has been legitimate; we deserve the right to converse about these things. We are free.
So no. We will not stop talking about what we wish to talk about because it makes two people uncomfortable.

I like that analysis.

Fredbill30 wrote:
I don't know what you guys are like girls fall for programmers.
Most of it has been joking.
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Fredbill30 wrote:
It gets so hard to make people who you want them to be each year.

You can't make people be who you want them to be. That's not how it works. Trying to change people is a bad way to make friends.

Accept people for who they are. If they are the kind of person you can get along with, then be friends with them. If you don't get along with their personality, then don't be friends with them.

I can't tell what's in a thread before I read it. Why I tell you guys to stop is because I don't want to read anymore.

This thread has been about porn for 7 pages now. If it really offended you, you could have stopped reading it at any point in that time.
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Fredbill kind of has this superiorty complex regarding his peers. I would recommend fredbill that you try out humility it goes a lot farther then trying to control your peers.
tact is acceptable control, it requires humility and compromise, I used to play a game called twisted metal on the ps1 with an old friend, hes got an unusual personality and if I suggest we drink beers and play it he might be like NAH thats stupid i dont play games, but instead I set a character from it as my profile picture (evil clown)and BOOM,
we should drink beer and play that

and I dont even have to invite myself to his house, but i always get the take away or cook something, keeps these easy good times happening
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That was a joke.

But seriously I only started talking to the people in my study hall towards the end of the year, and that was the biggest mistake I made.
Don't take every word to your heart! I understood the first contribution by Manga, who opened this thread, as implicitly defining a namespace that would accept fun, sarcasm and nonsense only. Serious speech would take a change of the namespace, introduced by directives such as "no sarcasm" or "honestly speaking", "but seriously" or whatever.

Now back to us mad men. Whom of you tried to google that hardcore etc. stuff? Why do you blush? Uuuhh, got you! If I was that nosy, I could report that the results were disappointing. However, I'm not that kind of guy, of course.
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Maybe I joke to much... I just like to make fun of life.
Women don't really find programmers iresistable. They like actors and musicians, or athletes and firefighters. Sorry Fred if I confused you.

I think it has to do with nature and breeding. You see in nature, the male of a species will compete, by fighting or struting or showing off. Whatever. The female then picks the best one physically, the strongest, not the smartest.

Programmers devote there time to learning and study. We tend to get beat up a lot growing up. But the reward for us comes in the end once we have mastered our craft. I liked the comparisson to wizards. Maybe small and frail at first, but remember what happened to Raistlin. (Dragonlance reference) He became so powerful he killed all the gods.... I want to kill gods too. >:0)
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I don't get beat up.

I'm actually the type do do sports and stuff. I get along with both types at school.
I used to get beat up, it was fun, but these days the girls aren't so mean any more. I guess they grew up.
I liked the comparisson to wizards.
Not to be mean, but now I see why you got beat up.
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Not to be mean, but now I see why you got beat up

why should he get beat up for liking wizards? should we beat you up because you like football? this is the age of the nerd fred.
But can a nerd beat me up? No.
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pretty sure they can. you are like what 12? you dont know what a nerd is. i have taken kung fu san soo, i have a friend who has done karate, and another who at your age was twice your size (im guessing but i can probably gurantee it. he was freakishly tall)
I practice kick boxing...
Well I'm 5'8. So he's almost 7 foot?

I've done Tae Kwon Do but don't use it.

I'm also one of the top wrestlers on my team, and we're arguably the best team in NYS.
I'm a "nerd", yet know TKD, Muay Thai, and Juijitsu. And did some MMA for about a year. Nerd means nothing anymore.
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and yet somehow im still confident the people i mentioned could still take you
But do you even lift? (Serious question)
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edit: may i remind everyone of danny-son and the blocks of ice in the second movie? and you dont need muscle. after learning kung fu i could throw people 100 pounds heavier than me. give me the right lever and ill move the world
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