Windows 8 Pirated!!!

I`m so scared. I just got a call from this indian accent guy and he said that you have a expired version of windows 8..i got this key from my friend and like 2 days ago when i updated it ...than right now i got a call... I`m a 12 year old and i told my mum and she said once ur dad comes home tell him...other ppl have said its a scam.. like here

im on ubuntu now and have formatted the windows disk

what should i do please Help
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It's a scam. Microsoft (or any microsoft party) will never call you about an invalid version of windows. Ignore the calls. Proceed as normal.
Okay..thank you i hanged up twice....I sware im so scared
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I've dealt with these people many many times. Say something like (sarcastically) "OH thank you so much for the call. I'll have my computer guy deal with this."
and if he keeps pestering you ask him to not call again. Threaten to call the police or something. Don't actually call the police though, there's nothing they can do.
My girlfriends house gets call like this often. Just ignore them.
Thank you..if he calls again..i will threaten him..and i am gonna make him talk to my dad..

i was scared nwo but my mums laughing at me now..that i was so scared..
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Lol I never answer the phone from Indian guys.
Lol..i sware i have deleted my windwos and all the data..but good thing i keep backups on my second 500gb harddrive
Why'd you delete it?

Anyway just put back on win7.
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i know its better im going to win7
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