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Is there any of you who want to make a robot?

If you are an expert programmer, all you need to learn to make one is physics and electronics (few parts of mechanical engineering if wou want better robot).
I have been wanting to do that for years. I seem to have one or two of my friends on board. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to help you with yours as there is a 0.07% chance that we are in the same country.

The calculation was done as follows: my_country's_population/world_population
Me too. Actually, I want to finish physics first (no, not 4 years or 8 years) before I step into programming but I was disappointed after realising that I must finish more mathematics first such as calculus, algebra, differential equation, geometry etc :(
Finish physics? how do you finish learning something like that?
Also, you can learn two things simultaneously.
have I told you about my plan to make "AWK-BOT 2000"?

basicly he is programmed to walk around busy streets making people feel awkward and uncomfortable, maybe even mildly offended.

the point is to upset and piss as many people off as possible without the authorities taking him away, he will be programmed to keep himself charged up, he will have a crotch plug and walk into shops and nock on peoples doors asking for electricity while waving said crotch plug.

no one will know where he came from and people wont be too sure if theres a person in there or not (until he proves hes a robot when things get too heated)

I want to be an evil genius, i also secretly want him to become self aware and kill, so I go to prison for being an evil genius, this will prove to me that i am an evil genius.

I cant wait till the court hearing im gonna wear a lab coat , tech goggles and my wildest grin.
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Odds are one of the people on this forum would eventually loose their marbles, who knew it would be devon?
^ Yes. Yes. yes. 1000 times yes.

I'm majoring in Mechanical engineering and "automation and systems" at uni. So yeah. Robots are very much in the realm of possibility for me. :P
yep sex robot was the inspiration, there will be AWK-BOT 2000, and is bisexual brother sexrobot, i just need to be rich, im going to uni for this very reason, a man must have a dream
I am currently doing CS and already taught myself programming SCADA systems although SCADA programming is quite close to robotics one must know that programming a Self-Aware Robots is advanced level it probably needs multi-hundreds of programmers to make it near perfect.
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