Wifi Hacking tool

Hello, I have searched in several sites, but most of them are viruses, or with other languages,
My neighbor gave me permission to hack his wireless network to access the internet
but I did not find a good method yet :/
I believe his encryption type is WEP or TKIP I am not sure,

any ideas?
Why would you have to hack his wireless network if he gave you permission..?

I believe his encryption type is WEP or TKIP I am not sure
This is something you should probably be very sure of before you even get started. Because it matters. A lot.

WEP passwords can be cracked by a monkey. There are videos everywhere.
Backtrack for linux is a highly regarded penetration testing OS.

I heard you just use wireshark for long enough theres enough data to work out what the encryption could be by elimination...or so the tutorial i found says, it wasnt hard to come across, but wep and such is easy but not as common, the other one i think takes days of sniffing and days of cracking, if your interested in how it all works then i guess encryption and networking will interest you when your programming skills are a spot better.

EDIT: i wouldn't go finding free internet tho' I just read that they use 'honeypots' to catch crackers, our governments take this sort of thing really seriously
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@Thumper he means his neighbor gave him permission to hack him/her
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The phrasing led me to believe his neighbor was offering him free internet and to crack his password to get it. Which just didn't make sense to me.
If it's for ethical purposes i'm all for pen testing.
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Yea I get you..I thought that at start to......

But if someone wants to be a pen tester there isn't that much jobs these days...the jobs are done by computers these days..to stop hackers

Some don't have passwords..well most do..but in my old house my neighbour didn't have a pass but I had my own...
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^A crackhead's grocery store?
Haha, no, those are WEP/WPA cracking programs.
Thanks all, but it seems I need Linux
yeh i can use wireshark wwith xp i have to use my ubuntu partition, xp is amazingly bad
Wireshark on linux is so so much better. Not really that the program itself is any different, but more of that Linux just doesn't a metric shit ton of random traffic like windows does. It sends traffic when you do something that needs traffic sent. Much easier to search through.
Probably because Linux doesn't send your data to the NSA.
^^ Heh
Backtrack 5 R3 can crack almost any security Wi-Fi type including WPA2-PSK.
It's not BT that does the work. BT is just a distro that comes with a ton of security tools. You use the tools to do work.
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