How can I get to MIT

I want to study at MIT but I dont know what I have to do cuz I am from Türkiye.
I am at second grade of high school. So can anyone help me or give information about the american education system?
Maybe above all you should look through the own site of MIT.
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I looked it. But there is nothing about which qualifications they want.
cire wrote:

Thanks but I want to know what are their criterions. I read everything on that pages but they are only saying be honest.
In the 4 pages (not to mention the pages linked from those) of that "how to" there is quite a bit more information than an exhortation to "be honest."

From ~10 minutes reading the various pages, I've come to the conclusion that MIT doesn't have hard and fast criteria for admission. However, if you really need have a target to work towards, the following page may be useful:

Please follow the links in the body of the page before you tell me how useless it is.
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