What do you do if you are bored with a programming exercise?

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Czar05 wrote:
I decided to go back to the basics because I found holes in my knowledge
That's totally normal though. Don't stress about it.

@vlad from moscow, wow thats amazing.

How proficient are you in C++? I'm just curious.

I do not know. But comparing with many other programmers sometimes it looks like that these others are simply unable to programme.:)
For example in only one module of the IBM NFS Server written in C I found more than dozen of bugs that I thought were visible with unaided eye. And take into account that this code was reviewed by the team and adopted.:)
The most interesting that the main module of the project in the very beginning of its text contained a bug. This module was used by porgrammers most often and nobody pointed out this bug during more than 10 years.:)
Most programmers for example only heard that there are C and C++ Standards but never saw them. I do not even mention about reading them at least partially.:)
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