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I have downloaded Tiled Map Editor and I want to know how or where to download the tiles for the map editor for my game? Does anyone know how?
Are you asking where to find tile sets or ow to use them with Tiled?
There are sites that allow you to use free assets for games (graphics and sound). Just a matter of Googling for them. Same with learning to use Tiled, Google is a great resource, it is.
You make them.

You don't even know basics I'm certain though. I'd still recommend focusing on building your skills before tackling a game.
Fredbill30 wrote:
You make them.

He can make them, but there are several sites around the web where you can get tiles for free.
Fredbill30 wrote:
You don't even know basics I'm certain though.

How can you assert that he doesn't know basics? Also, basics of what? Programming? Graphic design? Sound? Music? Game design? AI? Posting?
Fredbill30 wrote:
I'd still recommend focusing on building your skills before tackling a game.

You have really got to stop acting like you know everything, because every time you say something it is normally wrong. For example, how is he going to build his skills of using Tiled if he doesn't learn to use it to begin with? He can work on more than one skill at a time.
I thought he was talking about tiles ingame, like making them do stuff.

I wasn't thinking about the edidtor.

I made the assumption that he's new from the posts he has been recently creating.

I don't know everything, and I can admit that. I'm sure almost every regular user is better than me on this site.
Thanks for all the posts guy! But the kind of tiles I am looking for is like one with sand, wood, trees, and like curved blocks, and if there is one I need a vent that pushes air, but I have searched and I cant find anything I want....... Is there one but I am just missing it? Or how can I make a tile?
Elite, you make them with any paint program. I personally draw my sprites with MSpaint because I prefer it.

Also, you can look up "RPG Maker Tilesets".

They're meant for RPG maker, but you can easily use them in whatever game you plan out.
I think the free pixel project is worth a mention: http://www.squidi.net/pixel/index.php there's a character set as well as Dungeon and Zombie town sets.
^You can't sell 'em though. That's why I just make my own.
http://www.yarrninja.com/pixeltutorial/ this page was incredibly helpful for me. O:
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Generally all you need is some placeholders until you can get a artist on the project (That is if you have no artistic strength yourself). So just use some placeholders off the internet until you have a functional game then start looking for a artist to join the project.

https://newgrounds.com seems to have a lot of artists looking for projects to work on. Along with a bunch of other sites.
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I have a artist working for me but right now he is really busy making the weapons and stuff! I will try all the stuff! Thanks so much!
The kind of game I am wanting to make is one that you are not looking at your guy from the birds eye view you are looking at him for the side so all you can see is him going left right, crouching, and jumping, so how would I make a map like that?
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You mean a platformer? How to make a map should really be quite obvious for that type of a game even if you aren't a artist (Though you have one working for you?)...
Are you sure you are ready to move on? It's quite simple to make a map, lazy foo has a great tutorial on it. If you don't understand it I think you should strengthen your C++ skills.
@FredBill30 please give a link to lazy foo on youtube I cant find him! Thanks
Lazyfoo isn't on youtube. => http://lazyfoo.net/

Tutorial in question => http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson29/index.php
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