Anyone make a video game?

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4 minutes is up. Please tell me if you downloaded it. Reviews are always great.
6 mins up.
12 minutes is up. Taking down the link.
So did anyone get to download it or what?
@toad: I think you need to be a bit more forgiving, if you want people to take a look at your game then let people look at your game (unless you really do intend to make money off of it).
I do. You guys get a free sample though.
Quick full game. I might use it as a mini game.
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I also made a text based adventure! Although, I can't show it because you might steal it. D:

Software licenses just aren't good enough...
^Lol. Seriously, I didn't even get to see the link.

You should be more careful, I'm sure someone downloaded it and is de-compiling it right now! :O
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I do. You guys get a free sample though.

I highly doubt anyone will steal your idea for you game. You have to realize that ideas are a important part of a game yes but they are not the hard part. I can guarantee you that many people have already thought of your game idea. It is easy to have a idea for a game it is hard to actually implement that idea and complete the project.

Anyways back on topic I have been doing a little Asteroids Clone in Python and Pyglet for the last couple days on my free time (Which is dwindling rapidly lately) just for fun and to learn more about the library and python in general.

If anyone wants to grab it and make it their own or jump in and work on it you are more then welcome, I am mainly doing it for fun and learning. It can be found here . Though I will warn you it is kind of all over the place right now and the code is quite sloppy at the moment ;p. Oh and all you need to do is have Python 2.7 and Pyglet installed to run it.
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There's a partial game that's made by the community called chessplusplus on github.
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warcraft sounds like your game on steroids actually. guys ive decided to copyright hello world
From this day forth, new programmers everywhere will write as their first program "salutations planet"
I made a game about just having to suvive. Wasn't in C++ though, made it with Game Maker, when I was bored in college.

Quite fun but quite hard to survive for long too.
Link if anyone interested.
That's not how copyright works. Anything you create is copyrighted automatically at the moment of creation. Even ideas. You just have to be able to prove that you got there first.
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i was making a joke chrisname.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
cout << "Salutations Planet. How are you?";
@Lachlan Easton Can't legally use that, you copyrighted the idea
I'm working on a couple of things at the moment and one of them is a game. Actually, it's the puzzle game I've been working on for a while, except now it's real time 3D (YAY! \(^o^)/).

I like NPR [1] styled games, so I wanted to make mine one too. It took me a while to figure out how to make a decent outline. I tried this -> [2] at first but I didn't like it much. It looked like Okami [3] and I wanted something like Borderlands 2 [4], so I ended up applying a sobel filter [5] on normals and depth (it's a two pass process: on step one I render normals and depth on a texture and on step two I render on screen). The outline is only half of the story though; I'm going to need good textures too... I guess I'll figure out something, eventually.

I'm using libGDX [6] for this. I'm not using their 3D API though, as it's still (I believe) under (re)construction. Rather, I wrote (and I'm still writing; it's not done yet) a thin wrapper around OpenGL. Of course, I make sure to make good use of utility classes like Matrix4, Vector3, Pixmap, ... etc. I haven't tested it on a mobile device yet (I'm afraid to do it...), as it's VERY unoptimized at the moment. I just want to get a working 3D prototype for now. Hopefully, this will happen soon (I'll let you know).

Here's what it looks like now: (desert scene - color) (desert scene - outline) (desert scene - both) (animated palm tree)


P.S. I think ideas can't be copyrighted:
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