Laptops Or Desktops

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closed account (EwCjE3v7)'s cheaper and more customisable
I been using a tiny little notebook the whole time i been coding, am gonna get a gurt big desktop, im gonna pretend its my spaceship and im sat at the bridge, its gonna be awsome.

its not going to change anything though, might have a better back.
is a docked laptop hard to type on? i ask because its the only reason i can think of attaching a keyboard. not to say there isnt, just the only one i can think of. i understand the mouse though

Docking stations have all sorts of inputs. We have a keyboard and mouse plugged in to the docking station. It feels just like I'm using a desktop. I actually just have my laptop closed whenever it's in the docking station, so if I ever need to go I just throw it to sleep and pop it out and go.
It's all due to preference and what you would use each-one for. I personally have a laptop because I'm currently a student and it offers the aspect of portability.
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I use a Windows desktop to play games, but for programming/work I use a Macbook Pro with retina display.
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darkestfright: On that last subject, if you've used the two, how does Xcode+LLVM compare to Visual Studio?
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