What about Eiffel?

Does anybody use Eiffel?
I've heard of it and thought it was interesting. Never tried it though.
Same as Cherapy.

I've read about it in Ian Joyner's C++ critique, but I never tried it. Eiffel is supposed to be a "pure" OOP language if I remember correctly, and personally this makes me less willing to learn it.
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kind of like java and ruby?
I am reading "Touch of class" by Bertrand Weyer, He tries to explain OO using as an example of a programming language Eiffel. I did not download their EiffelStudio due to some warning of Windows during loading. So I read it simply as bellers lettres without trying any example of code shown in the book.
It seems that I am the only who read this book.:)
So after reading it I can append my resume that now I know neither C++ and nor Eiffel however I can talk about them.:)
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We looked at it back in the early 90s; all that C++ bashing and emphasis on pre/post conditions ...

Abrasive characters are not endearing, and Bertrand Meyer was certainly that. And after the Smalltalk vs C++ wars, I was in no mood for round 2 with Eiffel.

It kind of reminds me of that Scala guy who joined the forum some time ago to tell us of all the things that C++ was allegedly bad at and how Scala could do it in one line.

In summary, good ideas; difficult environment; no, not used it.
wtf is an Eiffel.
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a tower in paris... really you should read the posts... its an oop language
I read them but I don't know why you were comparing a tower to C++.
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... the eiffel they are talking about is an oop language. i was referencing the eiffel tower
I know this now...
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