Broken headset

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Hi there.
I jsut recently ripped my wire of my headset and i was wondering if anyone has any idea to fix it..
i tried connecting the wires the colour first burn so the cloth thing can burn and than i stuck the wires 2gether but no luck. :( anyone know?
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Solder them back together?
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I dont think that will its the same thing....except soldie ..i have a solder ..but i dont think it will work
as thumper said you just need to solder them back together.

i dont really understand what you did the first time with the cloth, but solder is metal, and meant for connecting wires

find some screws or whatever is holding the headseat together, take it apart, and find where the wires should go
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@paoletti...I'm not stupid :D. ....I know but headphone wires are different...the wires are covered in small green and another one in red cloth..,u have to burn it of cuz it's so small..(so the wire inside can be seen and put try to soldier and see).and than there is the copper which is the ground...I connect them green to green red to red copper to copper but no luck
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oh ok i see what your saying about the cloth.

my advice cause i cant see the headphones

solder the wires you think are right and then test the headset.

if it works, great :D, make sure there isnt any bare wire and your all done

otherwise desolder and try a different config
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@Paoletti Thanks ..I`m gonna do that.. And will let u know if it works...Thanks

Edit nope did not work...ill just use my earphones for now ...I'm gonna save up for creative gaming headset
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