What's Your Greatest Fear?

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I'm afraid of people knowing that I'm afraid of stuff. It took a lot of courage just to make this post.
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computerquip wrote:
I can't STAND bugs.
Clever wordplay.

Part of me read that and yelled (in my head) "PUSSY!"
then I laughed because I thought it was funny.
Then quickly felt appalled because I thought it was funny.

Good for you though, man. Step out of the comfort zone!
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Mine are heights and god..I'm also really sensitive to injecktions/needles ... darkness comes around me...and I go pale...and dizzy so to help me I have to lie down on a bed..and keep my feet up
1. heights: Still get butterflies in my stomach while on a plane
2. Afraid of speaking in front of a group. Trying hard to overcome it. (Notice ironically this doesn't amount to posting in a forum where so many people can read).
Well speaking in public is normally the fear of having all those eyes looking at you. I never had that fear, I just talked fast because I usually didn't care about the subject and just wanted to get it over with (I really hated when they asked questions on the subject because they figure out quick I don't care as I usually gave answers that showed I didn't bother researching it thoroughly).
Did no one get my Batman reference earlier? I'm not actually afraid of wells and bats =p
ModShop wrote:
Did no one get my Batman reference earlier? I'm not actually afraid of wells and bats =p

That's good. Nobody should be afraid of a Louisville Slugger.

(Except battered wives, maybe?)
ModShop wrote:
Did no one get my Batman reference earlier? I'm not actually afraid of wells and bats =p


damn i thought you were really batman
How about the fears you have heard that made you laugh. I remember they had a show a few years back about fears. They had fear of: clowns, pickles, tin foil, bugs, handicapped persons, germs, hair, even light.
I'm afraid of losing someone I love.
I don't understand why I'm scared of moths n' stuff. They aren't harmful, they're just there.

What's the difference between being scared and freaked out?

handicapped persons
Fredbill30 wrote:

If it exists, there is a phobia for it. Some people fear them, but almost everyone is uncomfortable around them. Like I said, there was a show were a guy and woman had fears of anyone with an obvious handicap (limping, limb deformation, wheel chairs). Then there was a talk show my wife watches where a woman was uncomfortable around anyone in a wheelchair. A comedic actor was paid to act like he had to be in a chair and the woman wouldn't look at him at all, but once he stood up she had no problem looking at him and talking to him. I remember her even saying, they weren't people and she could never marry a person like that.

I obviously don't have that fear or uncomfortable issue.
That's seriously messed up. Just because you physically are deformed you aren't a person?

Once again, wtf.
In some countries if you have deformities you are killed at birth. In America's past if you had deformities you were put in a mental institute by the parents.
And sterilized to prevent reproduction.

Fear of anything that is even slightly different is not a matter of laugh. It has inspired everything from discrimination to outright genocide.
Yea, I don't wanna ever go sterile.
Group of Eight wrote:
I'm afraid of losing someone I love.

QFT, most people, myself included, are afraid of that, many don't realize they do however.
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What is with all these TLAs?
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