Finished my first Project!

So i started learning SFML about 4 days ago and i have just completed my first project with it :D

i created a very basic art program that allows you to create art based off of vertex arrays and primitive by using your mouse.

heres a screen shot of a pyramid type picture i made with it

its not the most amazing thing ever, but hey, im not an artist
heres a screen shot of the UI and what it looks like just starting up

the menu navigates with the arrow keys and you can choose your primitive type, layer your drawing on, and color( a few presets, and RGBA vals customizable )

'c' deletes everything on a layer and 'd' erases the whole project.

Feels great to finish my first real project in c++. does anyone else have a project that they just finished/ is working on?
very nice Paoletti, I'm working on a project on SDL, I actually started learning it a year ago, umm I would post a screen shot of the game but not sure of an easy way to do so, other then facebook. its a bird view shooter at zombies and flies, all drawn on paint. btw, I'm a much worse artist.

been hearing a lot about SFML, I think that ill check it out eventually.
i would love to see some screen shots.

im just curious, paint doesnt support transparency in images does it?

do you add an alpha channel to your images in the code?
wtf my browser had a brainfart and I lost what I was saying. Anyway, I said this was real cool.

(I had like 3 paragraphs praising it but my browser's a 'D' and I'm not gonna retype)

I'm working on a project in SDL also, a 2d topdown RPG. I have the foundation of a scripting system, I have a reliable way to manage my Units, and right now I'm redesigning how my engine works. It's not anything too fancy, but nonetheless I'm still proud.

I've also designed a custom file format that holds my map data. I've written a simple editor that allows me to edit.

Never spent this much time on a project before...
how is SDL?

i never really looked into it that much
I like it a lot, but I usually just end up writing a wrapper for everything and just using that.
That's good; if you do it right, then you can change the underlying libraries your wrapper uses without changing any of the code that uses the wrapper.
no paint has no alpha that I'm aware of. I open an alpha channel on all my objects so they will have anti eye lashing or whatever is the term for it. And the wings of the flies I manually change their alpha to be slightly transparent, other then that my project isn't very alpha blended. I was thinking of having a special alpha particle engine for my flamethrower, but for now the non alpha particle engine will suffice. The goal for this project is for it to be online using UDP packets exchange, and having multiple threads. Two technologies that I have never incorporated before into any games.
Wow, that's what I needed to add, a PARTICLE engine.
*bonks head*
Shoulda had a V-8.

Transparency is easy. I simply set it to magenta. No one ever uses that :P
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