python seems so easy

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firedraco wrote:
Then you are going to hate working anywhere because they are going to have coding standards and expect you to follow them.

Exactly! I dont' know if they still do, but in the 90s if you worked for Microsoft you had to use Hungarian Notation string strName; int *pNumber... and all companies have set styles you must use or risk being terminated for not following protocol.

Think of it like a program. If one person uses a different style to code it, that is the equivalent of a error or bug, and to fix it they would just replace you (rewrite the code so that it did what was expected) with a programmer that will code the way they want.

For example, I know for a fact that the companies in my area, 4 of them prefer the C++ style to be similar to Java.
int main(){
                        std::cout << "Example..." << std::endl;
      return 0;
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Also @Fredbill:

I typically prefer statically typed languages myself, so I can understand your viewpoint there.

However dynamic typed languages are useful in situations. Doing anything with SQL, for example, is a nightmare with static typed languages.

So yeah... right tool for right job. Don't dismiss an entire family of languages just because you haven't found the right job to apply them.
I could understand it it some cases, but some people act like python is the god of all languages and is suitable for all tasks. This is what gets on my nerves.
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i havent heard anyone say that. what i have heard is you say nothing compares to c++, and python sucks which is exactly what you said you hate
I never said nothing compares to C++. Read my post again.
No language challenges C++ IMO, besides C and Java.
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It was implied deeply. I'm growing tired of heavy implications of meaning and then turning corners when they're pointed out.

Thanks for that. You see DTS? Maybe you should read my posts more clearly. (Kinda ironic I'm saying that? :P)
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he was agreeing with me fred...

i dont see how you could have gotten that he was defending you out of that. do you know what implied deeply means?
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Well he's wrong in that case. I clearly stated 2 other languages that challenge it.
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those three languages are not the end all solution to programming. php, mysql (kind of (it does have commands)), simple, brainf*ck, obj-c, html, css etc can all do things that c++ can, so there is no general best programming language
Never said they are.

Also, php and all other web languages are horribly slow for general tasks.

Oh yea, I forgot about obj-c.

That goes with the things that challenge C++, along with D.
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Also, php and all other web languages are horribly slow for general tasks.

they are called web-based for a reason... they arent meant for general tasks.
and idk what kind of php code you write but my lamps+html+css sites arent slow at all

Never said they are..

believe it or not thats what

No language challenges C++ IMO, besides C and Java
means, which means all of those i mentioned are lower and obsolete.

edit: forgot a word
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I partially agree with both of you for the fact that you left out that(In his opinion, as stated from @Fred) C and Java are the only languages to challenge C++ and Fred said to re-read because you left out that part.

EDIT: If you didn't see exactly what he said/don't remember, let me re-quote it

No language challenges C++ IMO, besides C and Java.
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all of the languages i mentioned all compare to c++, because each has its own field, and fine its not that big of a deal that we made the mistake in that he said no languages, but those two still dont change the point im making.
DTS you just said that those web languages can do what C++ does, now you're saying they can't? Tell me what you mean.

I already said they have their own field, this whole convo with me and you started because I said I don't like python and it sucked. It's my opinion. No matter how much you tell me my opinion is "wrong" I'm going to still say it isn't. I'm the only one that can change that.
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DTS you just said that those web languages can do what C++ does, now you're saying they can't?

please tell me where i said that. if i did im wrong, because what i meant is that each has its own field and there is no top one. c++ doesnt stand unchallenged except for the three you mentioned. even bajarne stroustrop says c++ has its downfalls. it just depends on what you need to do, how you need to do it, and how quickly it needs to be done. (please dont quote me on that list. i know its not everything that needs to be taken into consideration)

edit: i found it. sorry meant cant. cause like i said can would be wrong and defeat what i was trying to prove
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As I said before, no matter how much you tell me you can't change my opinion.

The only one who can do it is me.
@Fred You're right but how does one change his opinion? When someone gives you more information or you find more information on your own to give you the chance to change it.
Yes. But I only have the power to open my mind up. ;)
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