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Any good challenges for intermediate level C++?

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Post 'em here.

I'm already gonna attempt the NES emulator thing, I just want to know if I'm good enough.
This is hard to say. Projects to build confidence, like I asked, is easier because almost any project can do that. Sadly, it is hard to know what is a challenge because there really is no level for projects for beginner/intermediate/advanced/expert/master levels of knowledge.
Nah, not for confidence. Just for fun. I'm already doing a dynamic array thing, I got a basic working version in like 5 minutes literally without counting time to get the compiler set up.

So I'm adding on to see if I can get a challenge, and it's quite disappointing. So that's why I'm asking.

The challenge would be cool if it was useable in real-world purposes.
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If you create a challenge and an answer, the answer should be heavily documented to explain the concept.

First challenge: Create a remote logger via network sockets.
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So how would I break that down?

Also what do you mean by logger? Like outputting, or logging in a website?

EDIT - The vector thing was a dissapointment.
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Filtered output basically. That's all a logger does really.
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NES emulator thing

while your doing emulator stuff... i had the idea of taking mame source and using it as the basis to build a sort of virtual flynns arcade
That outputs what computerquip?

Only if I knew what you were talking about DTS >.>
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mame is the emulator for arcade games like galaga or tron. im taking the source and building around it virtual arcade cabinets where each plays a rom file and the "building" looks like flynns arcade from tron
I'd just get a Pi and make my own arcade thingy, with my own custom games if I was gonna do that DTS. Unfortunately, I don't have a job and no job = no money.
How about implementing Dykstras shortest path algorithm?
nakaru I would, but I don't think I'm good enough to do it.
Its really not as hard as it looks, but if you don't think your ready for it how about implementing a linked list?
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Fredbill30, it outputs input. Jeez. It's a logger, you feed it text, it shows up somewhere.
I'll stay away from that because I'm still working on my vector thing. I'm making it a template class.
BUMP - Just made it a template class. (wow, templates are easier than thought).

What exactly is a "list"?
Basically a addon to my vector class? I can do that.

I'm going to start by just adding the insert function, remove function, and erase function. Do you think that will be enough?
A list is a data structure.
A data structure is a set of rules for storing and retrieving data.

An array (which is what a C++ "vector" is, essentially) stores data in contiguous memory.
A list does not.
A list is made of nodes, which contain data and also a link to the next node.

So what's the use for data structures? Well as it happens, choosing the right data structure simplifies the rest of the program and brings performance/efficiency benefits.
Any pseudo code on how to implement this? Really on where to start?
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