Any good Squirrel tutorials?

Title says it all.
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actually title says "Any good Squirrel tutorials?" not "it all"
I love when people are extremely technical at times :D
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i was just makin a little joke ;)

is that what you are looking for?
@Paoletti301 I think that is what he was looking for.
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Seriously guys. :P
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If you are referring to Squirrel the scripting language, it's not very well known as something like Lua so it wouldn't surprise me they don't know what you are talking about.
Wait, in a different thread you said Squirrel was a great language. Believe it was one of the threads where you was saying Lua, Squirrel, and something else was better than python. How can you come to that conclusion if you are still looking for tutorials to learn it? o.O
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thats right... and i googled it btw. its a sql language (if we are talking about the same one). there is no way that a no name sql language is better than python


Squirrel 2.2 Reference Manual
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no this:
Isn't Scratch coded in a squirrel dialect (sqeeek or something like that)?
I said it was great because it looked great, and I used it once upon of time.

But that was for SAMP, I really don't know the language that well once I think of it.
DTSCode wrote:
no this:
That appears to be a SQL client, not a language of any sort.
Well he said Squirrel scripting language in previous posts and that google leads you to the

If that is the right thing, I notice some things that makes me think he should hate squirrel since he hates python.
Squirrel Lang Site wrote:

squirrel's syntax is similar to C/C++/Java etc... but the language has a very dynamic nature like Python/Lua etc...
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sorry i didnt see the other posts. i googled squirrel tutorial and thats what i found
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