Should a 13 year old be learning about 3D mathematics?

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Dream In Code FAQ wrote:
Earning Member Titles
Your member title appears below your avatar in the forums. As you make more posts, your member title changes. Lucky for you, when you reach 500 posts, you can change your own member title from your control panel. ;)/>

New D.I.C Head - 0
D.I.C Head - 50
D.I.C Regular - 250
D.I.C Addict - 500
D.I.C Lover - 1,000

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D.I.C head is just a title that member can have depending on their post count.

IE new member get New D.I.C Head as the title (Under 50 posts I believe) and then people get D.I.C Head after 50 posts I believe and so on.

EDIT: Grey wolf got there first ;p.
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oh dream in code...
D.I.C Lover - 1,000
Going a bit far.
No he is being serious. New users are classified as New D.I.C. Head or something. I've joined the sight and only had like 8 posts before I stopped posting there. The more you post and the more rep you get the more tags you get.
Yes. Joining site discussions just to look forward to being called a D.I.C Lover.
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