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im interning at a company and they are having me audit content that gets uploaded to their site. i dont have microsoft office or open office installed so ive just been using google docs, but its an unneccesary process to upload it to view a few kilobytes of data. so anyways, in your opinion whats the best free office client out there?
Open Office works pretty well.
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I would say Open Office or if you don't like open office you can get LibreOffice if your on Linux. Really if you are just auditing content shouldn't need anything specialized.
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im on windows
Open Office runs on windows
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i know my friend has it. i was just letting zereo know. and i know i dont need anything specialized, i just dont want one that doesnt work well and my hdd is too small to download and test a bunch
I will also recommend libreoffice. It is also available for windows:
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+1 for LibreOffice.

Version 4.1 was just released and comes with massive improvements to MS document compatibility. OpenOffice is alright, but all of the major players split of from OO and are on Libre now.
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Open Office is good.
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