free website builder, and free domain.

Does anyone know of a free website builder, and that will let me have my website a .com without paying?
Free? I doubt it. GoDaddy is super cheap though. Or you can ask your ISP for a second IP address and run an apache server on your own.
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Web hosting:
I googled and the only one that I could find that meets all of you requirements is (At least I think it lets you have .com). has a lot of great software for making websites (coding and visual). It also has free web hosting, but the name would be <website_name> or you could have <website_name>.com for 14.95 per year. Another great thing about theirs is that you can put your site on the web from their software but only using sdrive (their web hosting). Which isn't what you were looking for though.

Hope this helped!
Yeah, not many companies let you have domains for free because it costs to register them. I have three domains, but can't afford to bet webspace because most companies (like 1and1) make it seem cheap, but then surprise you by revealing you can only pay in 6 month intervals or more.
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You can get a free subdomain. You can also get a .co domain for free during certain times last I checked. All other domains are not free.
I have used for more than 6 years and the hosting has been great. Don't really recommend their free domain offer though.
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Wix has some decent free hosting and beatiful html5 templates to use if you don't know web design.
You can have free .tk top-level domain at
and a free sub-domain , have free web hosting
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