Did this really just happen?

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It never happens.
It not being as frequent that I find someone that reads it would be the same thing as never happening, because I skim through just about everything that pops up on the forum. So yeah. Very infrequently do you see someone on their first post do everything the right way.
somebody read the "Read this before posting" sticky.

We're humans we all do mistakes. :)
@amhndu Why would you consider not reading the sticky a mistake? Someone could very well make a post properly on their own(not saying it's good to not read the sticky, just saying it's possible for someone to actually make a well done post and answer back properly).
Why would you consider not reading the sticky a mistake?

I believe he was implying that reading the sticky was a mistake, not the reverse. Damn humor.
yep , i think i should have stated i was ironical , i thought a smiley would be enough to give as a hint.

Seriously , people don't understand sarcasm here.
@amhndu Well, it's kinda hard to imply sarcasm through text and make it show. If you really wanted to put a good hint, I would've went with the winky face.
I think I read the sticky first...

I always read those before posting in forums. Mainly to make sure I'm posting in the correct place, though.
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