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I just said fudge it one day and maxxed out my motherboards capacity for RAM (32GB @ 1866Mhz). It's not *that* useful but if I wanted to, I could do certain things with it, like create a tmpfs and buffer things into there on start up for quicker access.

EDIT: It is useful for applications that leak and you still want to use.
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Battlestations pacific is a pretty graphics intensive game... (Check on youtube, its a pretty awesome game though)
But I don't intend to play Skyrim, TF2, etc. etc.
The laptop I'm buying is 950 USD and has exactly the same specs I have mentioned in my earlier post. It is an ASUS A-Series Intel Sandy Bridge
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Why would you spend that much on 2 generation ago Intel technology? I'm not sure if Haswell is out yet, but if it isn't it will be coming very very soon. If you don't go Haswell, at least get IvyBridge.
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If you like ASUS is having a nice sale item on a ASUS gaming laptop

$400 off of a 1.4k laptop. Much better specs then you posted for the A-Series and only a little bit of a price increase from it.

Just seen that in their monthly sales email and might be worth checking it out. But I agree that is a bit overpriced for the specs you posted in my opinion.
I don't like Windows 8 I like Windows 7 better
I'd have to say the specs you described at that price, doesn't seem all that great to me, my computer has a AMD vision A6 processor at 2.7 GHz, 6 Gigs of RAM, an LED Bright-view monitor, and the keyboard feels very nice, it's a full keyboard by the way, with the numeric pad and all, AMD Radeon HD 7520G graphics card with 480 MB of dedicated memory. and a 640 Gig HDD it does have windows 8 but I'm thinking it may be possible to put Linux on here, I haven't tried yet, but I plan to, and the graphics card could be better but so far has done amazing for me. The biggest thing I'm talking it that mine only cost $530 USD after tax, almost half of what you're willing on spending, I'm no expert, but it seems that either I got a great deal, or you're spending too much.
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The key thing with laptops I have found is A) Never buy at the big box stores like bestbuy or whatever you h ave around you. You can try them out there but I would recommend buying them their because of the mark up they have. And B) Always wait for a sale to happen on it if you can. I have seen some sales that can cut the price in almost half on so if you can wait for one definitely do it.
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